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Macromolecular Structure Facility

The Molecular Biology Research Building houses the MSF.


UIC recognized a decade ago that structural biology was a critical component of biomedical research, and that it would play an increasingly important role in the post-genomic era. With this in mind, the RRC established the Macromolecular Structure Facility as a state-of-the-art facility to support cutting-edge research using x-ray diffraction on single crystal samples of macromolecular targets.


The MSF is a shared campus facility supported by the Research Resources Center and governed by members of the Center for Structural Biology (CSB). It is located in Room 1111 on the first floor of the Molecular Biology Research Building (MBRB) at 900 South Ashland Avenue on the West (Medical) campus.


Karl Volz and Bernie Santarsiero

Bernie Santarsiero

MC-870 3070-MBRB

900 South Ashland Avenue

Chicago, IL 60607-7173

312-413-0339 (office)

312-413-9303 (FAX)


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