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What is PACADEMY? PACADEMY is a listserv moderated by the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC). The purpose of PACADEMY is to communicate information related to the interests and concerns of UIC's Academic Professional staff. We encourage all UIC Academic Professionals to join PACADEMY.

JoinPostings might include:

  • Registrations for APAC events (advanced registrations now available)
  • Monthly APAC newsletter
  • Information on other campus events
  • Internal job postings
  • Links to news articles of interest to APs
  • Information on resources and services available to APs
  • APAC meeting notices and updates from APAC
  • Information on other campus committees

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

  • If your e-mail address ends in ""
  • If your e-mail address ends in "", you can subscribe or unsubscribe by clicking here: Click Here!

To change your existing subscription settings:

  • Go to the UIC Listserv Website
  • Click on Subscriber's Corner
  • In the subscribed list, click on PACADEMY
  • Change your subscription type
  • Click on Update Options

How to Post to PACADEMY

PACADEMY postings are moderated by APAC and are limited to topics of interest or concern to Academic Professional employees at UIC. We do not post any advertisements, including internal sales of goods or services. PACADEMY postings are unformatted text only. Send your posting to PACADEMY@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU. Please allow several business days for us to process your post (although we try to publish them within 24 hours).

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