CCSPD members and events.

Members 2009 - 2010

CCSPD Membership for the 2009 - 2010 academic year.


Janis Hayden, Co-Chair
Restorative Dentistry

Marsha Cassidy, Co-Chair


  • Ann Barnds, Urban Planning and Policy
  • Peter Berg, Disability and Human Development
  • Drew Browning, School of Art and Design
  • Michelle Bulanda, Physical Therapy-AHS
  • Marsha Cassidy, Co-chair, English
  • Ed Garay, ACCC - Computer Center
  • Elizabeth Gates-Ehlers, Council for Teacher Education
  • Mark N. Goedert, ACCC - Computer Center
  • Joann Gras, Office for Access and Equity
  • Joy Hammel, Occupational Therapy - AHS, Department of
  • Janis Hayden, Co-chair, Restorative Dentistry
  • Robin Hursey, Student Affairs, LAS
  • Jerry Lockwood, Facility and Space Planning
  • Alanna O'Connor, Enrollment and Academic Services
  • Ryan Parrey, Graduate Student
  • Sean Plomann, Graduate Assistant
  • William Schubert, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Janet Smith, Voorhees Center
  • Roxanna Stupp, ex officio, Disability Resource Center
  • Caryn Bills, ex officio, Office of Access & Equity

CCSPD 2009-10 Sub-Committees:

Program Committee

  • Peter Berg, Co-Chair
  • Joann Gras, Co-Chair
  • Ann Barnds
  • Ryan Parrey
  • Michelle Bulanda
Advisory Committee on Disability Statement of Commitment/Access Committee
  • Jerry Lockwood, Co-Chair
  • Peter Berg, Co-Chair
  • Drew Browning

Survey Committee

  • Joy Hammel, Co-Chair
  • Roxana Stupp, Co-Chair
  • Janet Smith
  • Ryan Parrey
  • Bill Schubert
  • Janis Hayden, Ad Hoc member

Web Committee

  • Mark Goedert, Co-Chair
  • Alanna O’Connor, Co-Chair
  • Ed Garay
  • Drew Browning
  • Elizabeth Gates-Ehlers
  • Sean Plomann
  • Janis Hayden, Ad Hoc member

Outreach Task Force

  • Alanna O’Connor, Co-Chair
  • Robin Hursey, Co-Chair
  • Ryan Parrey

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