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Chancellor's Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2003
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)

Members Present: Lucy Cotugno, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, David Mitchell, Elyse Nowak, Terri Thrower, Larry Voss, Eunjung Kim (graduate assistant).
Guests: Edward Brown, OCP, Caryn Bills, OAE, Claudia Diaz, OAE, Joy Hzyny, ODS, Carlos Drazen, DHD
Excused Absences: Beth Marks, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Richard Larson, Peter Berg, Robin Jones, Jamie Owen Daniel

Meeting called to order: By David Mitchell

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from February 14, 2003 meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report
Lucy Cotugno reported that $7,030 remained not committed.

Funding Request
Terri Thrower requested co-sponsorship for the Summer Art Festival consisting of four performances by local disabled artists, one per week, for four successive weeks in July, 2003. Joann Gras motioned to sponsor $1,100 to artists and advertising Summer Art Festival program and designated Terri Thrower to coordinate. The motion was approved by vote.

Old Business
· CCSPD web page link for reporting UIC access issues
Caryn Bills reported that there was a draft form ready to be tested at www.uic.edu/~cdiaz3. It will be open for 2 weeks for testing and will be placed under Disability Resources link.
Larry recommended OAE to continue efforts to relocate disability resource link to a more visible location. The color of the words "Disability Resources" has been changed to white in response to the Committee's request for a more visible link, however the link disappears once you navigate off the UIC homepage.

· Update on names submitted for Chancellor's Statement Advisory Committee
Caryn Bills reported that Chancellor Manning has formed this committee to include the following members: Drew Browing (chair), Ex-officio: Richard Allegra, Jack Catlin, Pat Gill; Members: Caryn Bills, Larry Voss, David Mitchell, Peter Berg, Elyse Nowak, Pablo Acevedo, Carlos Drazen, Kim Montemayor, and Emanuel Pollack.

Four members were designated out of the CCSPD nominees (Diane Coleman, Sarah Triano, Jack Catlin, Audrey McCrimmon, Carlos Drazen, Peter Berg, David Mitchell, Larry Voss, and Drew Browning). Discussion has been held regarding the entire list not being accepted as it was proposed. Significant concerns were raised regarding the failure to appoint Audrey McCrimmon and Diane Coleman without providing a rationale. Joann requested that communications with Pat Gill be posted on the internal listserv. Elyse Nowak offered to resign her position on the Advisory Committee to make one more slot available for one of the CCSPD nominees.

New Business

· April 24: Art and Disability Celebration of Chancellor's Statement

The CCSPD Achievement Award for 2003 will be awarded to Chancellor Manning in recognition of the release the Statement of Commitment. The Award Ceremony and Celebration of Disability Culture will be held on April 24th from 2-6. The Chancellor will be speaking around 2:15-2:35. Jim Ferris, John Killacky, and Riva Lehrer will be showcasing their art. Discussion was held regarding the decorations, event set-up, and posting of the statement.

· Cultural Event/Program Committee Report
Joann Gras reported that the next Movie Night is scheduled for April 14. The event will be held in the IIDD auditorium.

· Nominees for New Committee Members
Larry announced that list of new nominees of the committee should be submitted to the chancellor by May 1st. According to the CCSPD bylaws, four new members should be appointed annually. Carol Gill motioned to waive the bylaw regarding four new members for this year only. The required vote was held and the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45

Next meeting: May 2nd 12:00-1:30 at IIDD (1640 W. Roosevelt Road), Room 448.

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