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CCSPD Minutes
February 11, 2002
Held at SSB Meeting Room A
(Chaired by Larry Voss)

Members Present: Elyse Nowak, Peter Berg, Richard Allegra, Ron Schon, Joann Gras, Lucy Cotugno, Larry Voss, Carol Gill, Zakiyyah Wahid,
                                 Eunjung Kim (grad asst)

Excused Absences: Robin Jones 

Guests: Caryn Bills, OAE, Joy Hzyny, ODS, Bessie Gray, Library of the Health Sciences 

Meeting called to order: Larry Voss

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from January 14, 2002 meeting were approved with a correction of the titles of Diane Hodges and Marilyn Hau. Diane is Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration in the Environmental Health and Safety Committee, and Marilyn is Director of that committee.

Treasurer's Report: Lucy Cotugno reported that money is being spent very rapidly. She has met with the Program Committee to confirm that the budget is being executed as planned - it appears that the committee will be a little over budget. There is also a correction that needs to be made; the allotment has been reduced by about $1,000 due to overall budget cuts to all the committees (about 4%). There was also a windfall of $797 that emerged after an error in accounts was discovered.

Awards Committee : Zakiyyah had expressed interest in working on this committee and will be working to establish the reconstituted committee. Joann Gras will help with getting everything set up for the committee as soon as relevant dates are established. Notices regarding these awards need to be sent out fairly soon. Carol Gill offered to help review applications if needed. The criteria were general last year - simply that the recipient be a person or unit that made UIC a more welcoming place for people with disability. 

Update of Partners for Inclusive Employment : Zakiyyah Wahid reported that Partners for Inclusive Employment (PIE) is engaged in a two-year community engagement program. The first step that took place was a breakfast that was given for people in the area - people who were interested in employment abilities and possibilities for persons with disability. They were also told about tax-incentives they might receive, etc. Even though the breakfast was held at 7:00 am, there were over 70 people there. Many possible employers were there, Zakiyyah Wahid has also already received a fax from people who are interested in hiring people with disability. Included in the event were a panel discussion with people with disability, professional presentations. The corporate world was impressed and very happy to learn that this organization is a place that they can contact for information such as this. Zakiyyah Wahid also described the second step to this program - the organization is attempting to prepare employees. There is an event that is going to be held at SSB (on April 16th) and individuals will be screened for employment, and then given additional training if any is needed. . Also impressive is the fact that PIE is operating without a budget - all needed funds and materials have been donated. On the 24th, a follow-up event will be held where potential employers will be invited and be screened. They will be asked to provide job-descriptions and profiles of the kind of person they would like to hire. PIE's goal is to obtain employment for 100 persons with disability - in jobs that are not simply horizontal, but have vertical promotion potential. PIE has been working on this program since March of 2001.

Campus Forum Committee: Peter Berg reported that the January Forum on Accessible Transportation was held on January 18 at the IIDD auditorium. Because of scheduling concerns the next two forums will be held back to back. On February 27th there will be a forum on parking and snow-removal issues - an announcement has not been sent out because Peter is waiting to hear from Wanda Perry (who will not be able to attend). Wanda is sending someone from her office who can speak for the office and speak to housing matters, but she has not forwarded that name yet. Pablo Acevedo will be attending the forum from Mark Donovan's office. On March 8th the library forum will take place with Sharon Hogan. In April there will be a forum on housing. They have not decided whether they will schedule the last forum for the end of April, or if there will be adequate time to have it in May. 
There was a question as to whether these forums are Program Committee activities or not, because the committee budget is running in the red due to these activities. For the last forum the majority of the expense went to captioning and sign language interpreter. Larry Voss believes that the activities themselves constitute a sort-of ad hoc subcommittee - of which Peter is the chair. Larry thinks that they might have to cut back on the budget for food. $500 was originally budgeted, but it has gone to $800. Also, Access and Equity did state that if this committee wants to provide accommodations such as real-time captioning and sign-language interpreters - on its own initiative - then the cost would fall to the committee. However, if these things were requested then Access and Equity would help cover the costs. So far they have been requested and so this should not be a big problem. These requests will be/have been documented, but without the names of the requesters, because of confidentiality issues. Zakiyyah Wahid asked about the housing forum because Donald Due(sp?) has begun building accessible housing throughout the west-side, and has been doing a great job. She would like Peter to contact him with regards to the upcoming forum. Larry Voss corrected the question be making the clarification that this forum would revolve around issues of campus housing only. Larry Voss requested that Richard Allegra post announcements for these forums to the Disability Services listserv to encourage student attendance.

Disability Services: Joy Hammel was absent and that committee has not met since the last CCSPD meeting.

Cultural Event/Program Committee Report: Joann Gras reported that film night held on January 30, 2002 at SSB Room B-C from 4:00-6:00 was successful to have approximately 25 people considering bad weather.
Peter was a great help at the last minute - he introduced the films and the discussion. There were three short films shown. In the future, they will try running multiple films all in a row, without long breaks, to promote discussion after the viewing, and comparison of the films. There was good conversation at the end. Eunjung Kim related that upcoming events are being planned for the second week of April. The committee will meet to discuss whether they would like to have John Mackie come, or if that will be done another time. Richard Allegra also states that he will be attending other cultural events related meetings, including Unity Month and Women's Heritage Month. Joann Gras also requested that some of the ads for these events be re-worked, and that further mass-mailings to students be done, and also faculty and staff. She would like to use the UIC News to post free announcements, as well as posting of flyers. Last time the ads in the papers cost $140.

Disabled Students' Union: No representatives from this body were present at the meeting.

Report from the Office of Access and Equity : Caryn Bills reported that this office will be sponsoring a teleconference on disability issues in higher education. This will be The Assistive Technology and Universal Design National Teleconference and Webcast. Caryn Bills also notes that it is scheduled for the same time as the next committee meeting. 12:30 to 2:30 on March 11th. She is planning to down-link it at one of two locations on campus that she has been told could be available to her. This is a new event for this year. They are making a list of individuals to invite and will start thinking about how to develop the audience/market. A tape will be made so this committee can also view it.

Report from Office of Disability Services : Richard Allegra had nothing major to report. There are a few budget concerns, but Richard believes that most things are being handled pretty well. People are basically looking to what might be happening next. He has been talking to Scott Feldman about linkages with students, to try and formulate future plans - and maybe a long-term plan for a student resource/cultural center. The current model has been to simply make existing information technology centers accessible, but students have been mentioning that they would like to have a space that was more their own, and more culturally oriented. The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women is having a meeting with the administration regarding how to get more space, so Richard Allegra would encourage female members of this committee to attend that meeting and try and pick up some strategies that could be used in the future. Richard would also like the DSU to get up and running as soon as possible so they can provide more feedback on this issue. Larry Voss has also noticed that the Asian American students will soon have a cultural center of their own, and so this might be a sign that disabled students could negotiate a similar space of their own. Joy Hyzny reports that she has been busy working with students and different offices to improve accessibility on campus.

Update: Campus Committee to Draft UIC Commitment Statement re: People with disabilities : Carol Gill reported that there are many people and groups working on this statement, and many others have been added since last time. The first meeting took place and went well. They will soon be working on drafting the statement, but they have not yet scheduled the second meeting. Scheduling has been a problem, with so many heads of departments involved. There is a draft statement on the table, e-mails have been sent back and forth, and more responses are expected.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm
Next meeting will be held on March 11, 2002
At IIDD Building Room 448

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