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Chancellor's Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2002
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss)

Members Present: Peter Berg, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, Robin Jones, Elyse Nowak, Terri Thrower, Larry Voss, Zakiyyah Wahid, Erick Lopez, Eunjung Kim (grad assistant)
Guests: Yanling (Millie) Li, Disability Studies, Caryn Bills, OAE, Joy Hyzny, ODS, Lowell M. Seida, Chicago Yacht Club
Excused Absences: Jamie Owen Daniel, David Mitchell, Richard Larson, Lucy Cotugno
Meeting called to order: By Larry Voss
Approval of minutes: Minutes from August 9, 2002 meeting were approved
New business:
Location of upcoming meetings - Due to the new policy of the campus charging for use of a SSB meeting room, Larry asked if the Committee should continue to alternate the meeting location from east to west campus. Joann suggested that we should hold a meeting on the east campus at least twice a year. It was decided to look for an available meeting room without cost on the east campus.
CCSPD Table at Women's Leadership Symposium - CCSPD will set up a booth in the Women's Leadership Symposium that will take place on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 in the Illinois Room of CCC. From 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm there will be an opportunity to promote the Committee.
Staffing: Jamie (contact person), Elyse, Sally, Mariana, Eunjung
Materials: Brochures, key chains, & pens, will be distributed.

Suggestions were made regarding the format and content of a CCSPD informational brochure being developed by Larry. The purchase of a banner to be used at CCSPD events was approved.

Nomination and Election of New Executive Members - Peter Berg, Terri Thrower, Robin Jones, Carol Gill, & Elyse Nowak were elected as new members of the Executive Committee. Carol Gill will serve as the alternate Executive Committee member. Robin pointed out that Lucy will be retiring in winter, so Robin will transition to the Treasurer position when Lucy leaves. At this point, Elyse will assume Robin's position as Executive Committee member.

Sub-Committee Commitments/Assignments - Each subcommittees consists of following members:

· Program Committee - Educational, cultural and art event programming.
Joann Gras (chair), Peter Berg, Terri Thrower, Carol Gill
· Disability Service Model Committee - Developing a vision for enhancing Disability Services on UIC campus.
Carol Gill (chair), David Mitchell, Erick Lopez, Larry Voss, Elyse Nowak, Richard Allegra (ex-officio)
· Website/Promotion Committee - Outreach and promotion of events.
Joy Hyzny, Eric Lopez
· Award(s) Committee - Award nomination, announcement, and reception
Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder (co-chair), Robin Jones, Jamie Owen Daniel
· Access Committee - Accessibility and transportation, etc.
Richard Larson, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Elyse Nowak

Discussion was held regarding the new Provost and the possibility of an invitation to meet with the Committee. Carol suggested outlining subcommittee's issues & goals to inform the Provost regarding the work of the CCSPD. It was also decided that the Consultants' Report from 2000-01 and the CCSPD Response to the Report would be distributed to all CCSPD members to allow new members an opportunity to review these documents.

Old Business

· CCSPD-sponsored speakers for the "Disability Studies Lecture Series"
Sponsorship of $2,000 to the Disability Lecture Series was approved unanimously.


· Cultural Event/Program Committee Report: Joann presented budget of this year from total of $6700:
$1500 is slated for award reception
$2200 for two movie nights one for each semester
$1000 for performance event with Tara Inmon & Alana Wallace
$2000 for disability studies lecture series for 2002-03 year budget.
Additionally $1600 from the last year for special event, possibly Jim Ferris, should be used immediately. Richard is working with Chancellor's committee on the status of GLBT to coordinate disability video "Crip Shots" by John Killacky,

· Upcoming Events:

o For Unity Month event, the movie Sound and Fury will be presented by CCSPD and ODS on September 24. Richard Allegra will lead discussion. Committee members asked Larry to find out about the procedure by which CCSPD became involved as sponsor.

o Symposium for Unity Month, "Chancellor's Committees: Visions for the Future" showcasing all of the Chancellor's Status Committees - Larry will speak at this event tentatively scheduled for October 30. The purpose of this event is to have representatives from the Status Committees talk about their mission, goals, types of activities, etc.

· Report from the Office of Access and Equity-Campus Issues: Caryn Bills reported that the Chancellor is expected to release the final version of the statement proposed by the UIC Voiced Commitment Committee soon. Caryn will check on the possibility of moving the "Disability Resources" link to a more prominent location on the left column on the UIC homepage. Caryn reported that there will be no additional charge to students or the departments for using paratransit transportation services from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm. This will establish a policy of making paratransit services available at all times when commuter services are running. It was also reported that the Chancellor is organizing an advisory committee to review the climate of disability throughout campus on an ongoing basis. It will cover a plan for the ADA. New accessible furniture for the classrooms and lounge areas will be purchased. Finally, it was reported that the link for accessible transportation services is now available on the UIC Transportation page and that updates to the accessibility map will be occurring.

· DSU/Student Update: Erick briefly reported there was no DSU meeting but there were new students who were interested in joining. There will be a report at the next meeting.


Gargoyle Award: Joann announced that Robin Jones won the 2002 Hooded Gargoyle Award (The Brian Hall Award) honoring a young professional for services on behalf of people with disabilities. The Council on Disability Rights presented the award to Robin for her advocacy work.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10
Next meeting will be held on October 11, 2002
At IIDD Room 448


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