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Chancellor’s Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting
May 13, 2002
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss & Robin Jones)

Members Present: Larry Voss, Robin Jones, Elyse Nowak, Eric Lopez, Lucy Cotugno, David Mitchell, Eunjung Kim (grad assistant)

Excused Absences: Carol Gill, Yanling Li, Joann Gras, Richard Allegra, Joy Hammel

Meeting called to order: By Larry Voss and Robin Jones

Approval of minutes: Delayed until we have the transcript from last meeting.

Old Business:

Review of Chancellor’s meeting with CCSPD:
Chancellor Manning met with the Committee on April 22, 2002. Patricia Gill, Associate Chancellor for Access & Equity accompanied the Chancellor. Discussion was held regarding the administrative location of the Office of Disability Services (ODS) under the Counseling Office within Student Affairs. Relocation of the ODS has been agenda for several years and was one of the main issues brought forth during the External Consultant's Review in 2001. Committee members expressed frustration at the lack of CCSPD representation and involvement in discussions that have taken place on campus to date. The Committee agreed to send a letter to Chancellor Manning expressing concerns of the CCSPD regarding lack of representation and asking for an opportunity to be involved in any and all discussions that are taking place on this issue.

Discussion was held regarding the Chancellor and Pat Gill’s assertion that UIC has no “ADA Violations”. David Mitchell suggested that the Committee identify specific “violations” and submit them to the Chancellor for consideration. A discussion regarding the use of the terms “violations” vs. remaining "barriers" on campus was held. Concern regarding “credibility” of the information to be provided to the Chancellor was expressed and it was determined that situations should be thoroughly investigated to assure that all documentation regarding any violations or problems should be substantiated. A discussion of “program access” versus "ADA Compliance" was held and Committee members discussed barriers to achieving program access. Examples listed by members present at the meeting were discussed. They included:

It was decided to investigate, document and present this and other valid ADA violations to Chancellor Manning and UIC administrators.

2002-2003 Membership on CCSPD: A list of new members was forwarded to the Chancellor’s office by the May 1, 2002 deadline. Several current CCSPD members have indicated that they are unable to continue serving on the committee. A list of 18 individuals was forwarded which include representatives from faculty, staff and students. Notification of appointed members will be sent to Committee members by the Chancellor’s Office during the summer. 

Further discussion was held regarding expansion of the Committee by developing formal Liaison positions, beginning with the following: Capital Programs, Facilities Management, Parking, Campus Housing and Library. The Executive Committee will discuss this further and approach the appropriate department heads and/or Vice Chancellors for participation. 

Committee members will document accessibility/access issues in specific situations that are known to them. These issues will be submitted to Robin Jones, who will verify the issues and collect the information to be included in a letter to Chancellor Manning. Information submitted by members should include: location of problem or incident, type of situation (classroom, employment, etc.), time of day and date (if applicable), and a brief description of the circumstance/incident. Each situation should be written without the student or staff member's name included. Describe the person as appropriate (i.e. student who utilizes an electric wheelchair, etc.) Individuals must be willing to take their complaint further if additional information is requested by the campus to investigate or resolve the violation. Erick Lopez will distribute this information through the DSU listserv seeking student situations that may not be known to CCSPD members already. A letter listing such violations will be drafted and sent by the Committee to Chancellor Manning and copied to Patricia Gill and Barbara Henley with necessary attachments. 

Lucy Cotugno reported that we have approximately $1,400 that is not committed. Final bills are not in for the Awards Banquet and the June event. More information regarding the balance will be shared with the Executive Committee. Members who have movies, publications, etc. that they would like to recommend for the committees library should submit them to Larry Voss. 

Robin and Larry announced that all Status Committees will have an 8% budget cut for the next fiscal year. There is no expectation that the funds will be restored at a later date. Discussion regarding the budget and impact of funding accommodations at CCSPD-sponsored events followed. The Committee will continue to request funds to provide accessibility of events held by the CCSPD in addition to funds set aside for sponsoring the activities. Discussion was held regarding additional collaborations within campus groups to maximize use of funds. Ideas included bringing in speakers that may appeal to other minority group audiences on campus and partner with other Status Committees to promote events addressing mutually relevant issues (an example given was John Killacky, a gay, disabled performance artist/video maker). David Mitchell proposed to have a CCSPD Lecture Series next year and Elyse Nowak suggested advertising to Chicago Flame student newspaper to get more turn out for our activities. The Committee will discuss the agenda for 2002-2003 during the June and July meetings. Members are asked to bring ideas for programming to these meetings.

Achievement Award: Discussion of the event from 2002 was held and all members present supported a more campus wide event in 2003. The Executive Committee will examine options of getting more campus involvement in the nomination process and involvement of the Chancellor in giving the award via a reception or other event scheduled well in advance. 

Meeting schedule: The meeting date will be changed to the second Friday of each month beginning in June 2002. The summer meetings will be held at the IIDD building. Fall meeting locations will be arranged and announced at a later time.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm
Next meeting will be held on June 14, 2002
At IIDD Room 448

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