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CCSPD Minutes
January 14, 2002
Held at IIDD Room 704
(Chaired by Robin Jones & Larry Voss)

Members Present: Scott Feldman, Joann Gras, Ron Schon, Robin Jones, Larry Voss, Joy Hammel, Drew Browning, Peter Berg, Lucy Cotugno,
                                Elyse Nowak, Joann Gras, Eunjung Kim (grad asst)
Excused Absences: Carol Gill, Richard Larson, Richard Allegra, Yanling (Millie) Li
Guests: Caryn Bills,OAE, Joy Hzyny, ODS, Diane Hodges and Marilyn Hau, Environmental Health and Safety Office, Bessie Gray, Library of the
              Health Sciences, Karen Hassen and Glenn Hedman, DHD 

Meeting called to order: By Robin Jones & Larry Voss

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from December 10, 2001 meeting were approved unanimously.

Emergency Evacuation Plan/Procedures at UIC: Diane Hodges and Marilyn Hau from Environmental Health and Safety Office were invited to explain UIC evacuation policy and procedures. Marilyn reported the lack of planning for various types of disabilities and the rule is to follow the protocols of Chicago Fire Department. UIC has no official equipment for evacuation. Chicago Fire Department has authority over evacuation and a fire officer named Emmet McDonald will be looking over UIC’s plans and giving feedback once a week. 
Marilyn reported that current signage for evacuation procedure is not appropriate and needs to be revised. Joy Hzyny volunteered to assist on signage revisions. Discussion was held regarding equal access to information. State code in IL (which is more stringent than federal codes) requires that all emergency information should be accessible to persons with visual impairments and all types of disabilities. 
Drew Browning raised questions regarding elevator repair policies and proposed that elevator repairs should be highest priority in emergencies and also after hours. Making other people such as police officers control elevators in an emergency can be an simple solution. Larry Voss questioned the policy of turning off the elevators during every fire alert (noting that if the location and type of fire was known not to be in proximity to the elevator, it might make more sense to allow people with mobility impairments to evacuate the building). Robin Jones raised concerns regarding liability of injury while being carried out in the emergency and drills and importance of training of person to assist disable people. Marilyn explained that Chicago Fire Department is in charge of carrying out individual evacuations and not any group on campus. Diane Hodges raised issue of confidentiality and protection of people’s identity and information while making evacuation plan. Purchasing evacuation chairs and making refuge area in every building was suggested. Robin Jones recommended the need to have plans and get information out for new construction with universal design as well as existing buildings. Fire alarm detectors need to be accessible to people with various disabilities. Drew Browning recommended that notification of power shut downs be sent to people with disabilities through listservs or other means. Marilyn reported that there are difficulties when a building is occupied by multiple departments in making emergency plans and evacuation procedures. Robin Jones advised to seek out the representation of people with disabilities in buildings proactively.

Treasurer’s Report: Lucy Cotugno reported that we will spend all money as budgeted.

Executive Committee Report: Robin Jones reported update of Campus Committee to draft UIC commitment statement regarding people with disabilities. That statement will include following. Members are Lennard Davis as chair, Scott Feldman, Glenn Fujira, Robin Jones, Christopher Keys, David Mitchell, Larry Voss, The committee did a lot of dialogue and set basic ideas. 

Disability Student Services Model Task Force: Joy Hammel raised questions regarding the mission of the Task Force and the activities being undertaken by the Chancellor’s Task Force creating a “Voiced Commitment Statement”. Discussion was held regarding the need for the activities of the Chancellor’s Task Force to coordinate their activities with the CCSPD Task Force to avoid duplication of effort. Further discussion was held regarding the fact that there were several members of CCSPD on the Chancellor’s Task Force as well as representatives of the CCSPD task force and it would be the responsibility of those who serve on both groups to attempt to address any overlap or areas of collaboration
Campus Forum Committee : Peter Berg reported that the January Forum on Accessible Transportation will be held on January 18 at the IIDD auditorium. Larry Voss will moderate the discussion. The February Forum on Library Access is scheduled for February 20. Discussion was held about issue for March forum. Remaining issues are parking, housing, and accessibility of facilities. 
(The schedule above has been changed to February 27 forum on parking and snow removal and March 8 forum on library issues)

Cultural Event: Joann Gras reported that film night will be held on January 30, 2002 at SSB Room B-C from 4:00-6:00. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:35pm
Next meeting will be held on February 11, 2002
At Student Services Building (SSB) Conference Room A.

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