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CCSPD Minutes
October 15, 2001
Held at SSB Conference Room C
(Chaired by Larry Voss)

Members Present: Richard Allegra, Larry Voss, Scott Feldman, Joy Hammel, Joann Gras, Ron Schon, Richard Larson, Erick Lopez, Carol Gill,
                                Elyse Nowak, David Mitchell, Yanling (Millie) Li, Eunjung Kim (grad asst), Maria Nikiforos (grad asst)
Excused Absences: Drew Browning, Peter Berg, Lucy Cotugno, Robin Jones, and Zakiyah Wahid
Guests: Heather Stout ODS, Mary Stainton, ODS

Meeting called to order: By Larry Voss

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from September 28, 2001 meeting were approved unanimously.

Purchase of new videos for CCSPD video library: Larry Voss recommended the purchase of two new videos for the CCSPD video collection. The videos are: 

        1. “Crip Shots”, a film by John Killacky, producer, and director of Yerba Buena Center for Performing Arts.

        2. “Body Talk”, by Cheryl Marie Wade, disabled artist

The approximate cost of the videos is $100-$150 and they will be used by CCSPD in future film festivals. A motion was made to purchase the videos and the motion was passed. This collection of videos is for members of the UIC community to check out and view. A posting on various listerv’s will be made to make the UIC community aware that they can check out these videos.

Sub-Committee Commitments/Assignments: Discussion was held regarding how to encourage members to develop and participate in CCSPD subcommittees. Scott Feldman recommended that less time be spent at the monthly CCSPD meetings and more time spent in the sub-committees. Then each sub-committee would give a report at the monthly meeting and get other members’ feedback. Larry Voss made a recommendation to set goals for this year which would help determine what subcommittees may need to be added. Elyse Nowak suggested that CCSPD find out how UIC is not compliant with ADA. Richard Larson noted a need for more awareness of disability issues for administrators, faculty and staff. Further discussion of these issues was planned to take place via the CCSPD listserv. 
Larry Voss noted that existing subcommittees are:

Election of Executive Member: An election was held to find a member for the CCSPD executive board committee to temporarily substitute for Mary Brown during her leave of absence. Carol Gill volunteered and was elected unanimously.

DSU Student Update: Eric Lopez stated that there were no new DSU activities to report at this time. 

AHEAD Conference Report: Scott Feldman reported on his participation at the Conference of Association of Higher Education and Disability. The usefulness of guidance under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which regulates access to information technology, was discussed. Millie Li also reported that people from Disability Services attending the conference didn’t know about Disability Studies Program at UIC and the disability perspective. An introduction or presentation about The Disability Studies Program at UIC was recommended. Millie raised a concern of event of simulation of disability planned by AHEAD.

Disability Student Services Model Task Force: Joy Hammel reported that the first meeting has been postponed to a later date.

Cultural Event/Program Committee Report:
Upcoming film night events are scheduled for November 2001, April 2002, and June 2002. An interpretive Dance Night will be held in the spring of 2002 with two performers: Alana Wallace and Terra Inman. Another event will be a “Poetry Night” with poet, Jim Ferris. Other suggestions that were made for cultural events included 1) Discussion sessions followed by video night, 2) A video night that incorporates the Disability Studies program, 3) Sponsoring a non-artistic program which features persons from other universities to discuss “model” disability services and disabled student activism. The Committee approved the budget of $7,000.00 for these events. Larry Voss raised the possibility of getting the Office of the Provost to co-sponsor some of the events. 

Disability Services/Update Motor Pool: Discussion was held about motor pool issues on the UIC campus. Millie asked if the boundary of motor pool could be extended beyond Clinton and Taylor. If there are accessibility issues such as malfunction of electronic doors or problem of motor pool service, Larry reminded members to notify the Disability Services Office of such incidents.
Richard Allegra reported that a sociology professor provided accessible on-line electronic versions of all articles in the syllabus.

Disability Studies Lecture Series: Discussion was held regarding CCSPD co-sponsoring the Disability Studies Lecture Series. Lecturers include Bernadette Baker on the topic of special education and eugenics, and Rosemarie Garland Thomson on history of people with disabilities in literature. The committee discussed how co-sponsoring the Disability Studies Lecture Series could be a strategy for advertising for CCSPD. A motion was made to donate $1,000 to the Disability Studies Lecture Series and it was passed. 


Meeting adjourned at 2pm
Next meeting will be held on November 12, 2001
at Room 448 IIDD Building; 1640 W. Roosevelt


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