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The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of
Persons with Disabilities

Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 16, 2005 (11:30-1:00)
DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 448
Chaired by:
Peter Berg and Janet Smith

Members Present: Peter Berg, Janet Smith, Marsha Cassidy, Katie Keiling, Drew Browning, Vladimir Cuk, Dariusz Barwacz , Chiang Jao, Sabryna Cornish, Sheila G. Martinotti,
Larry Voss, Caryn Bills, Janis Hayden, Kavitha Padmanabhan (Graduate Assistant)

Guests: Eynat Shevil (DIS)

Meeting called to order by: Peter Berg/ Janet Smith

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of April 15th, 2005, meeting were approved unanimously.

New Business:

• Welcome and Introductions – Janet/Peter
Peter Berg and Janet Smith introduced themselves as co-chairs. They requested the members to introduce themselves. All the members provided their introductions. Members who were not present were introduced briefly by Peter Berg.

• Executive Committee & Sub-Committee Chair Elections –Peter/Janet
Peter stated that the bylaws of The Chancellor’s Committee on Status of Persons with Disabilities calls for Executive Committee to consist of the two co-chairs, a student representative, a treasurer, a faculty member and a staff. The function of the Executive Committees would be to meet and make decisions when it is not possible for the entire Committee to meet.
The Program Committee will deal with programs that are hosted and/ or co-sponsored by The Chancellor’s Committee e.g. movie nights for fall and spring. Janis Hayden agreed to continue working as the Program Committee Head. Robin Jones, Joann Grass from Access and Equity, David Mitchell would also be working as a part of this committee.
The ACDC appointed by the Chancellor had been working intensely with access issues and had membership overlapping with the CCSPD. This committee would be a sub-committee under CCSPD. The committee would deal with physical access, access to electronic information and other types of access related issues. Peter nominated Larry Voss as one of the co-chairs and Drew Browning was nominated as the other co-chair for this committee. This was accepted unanimously.
The Ad hoc Committee was working on a campus-wide survey to gauge the issues raised by individuals with disabilities at UIC. Carol Gill has led the sub-committee and Peter hoped she would do so in the future. The guest member Eynat Shevil volunteered to help on the committee and Katie Keiling was also nominated as a member for the Ad hoc committee.
All the committees would provide reports during the full committee meetings.

• Student Services and Disability Resource Center Update –Peter/Larry
The Chancellor decided to have a full time Director for the Disability Resource Center (DRC), last year. A task force was created consisting of Patricia Gill, Robin Jones, Caryn Bills, Carol Gill and Peter Berg. All recommendations except one made by the task force were accepted. DRC was moved under the Academic Affairs and the PROVOST since July 1st. Suggestions were made that the co-chairs draft a letter to the PROVOST as well as the Chancellor explaining the steps that have been taken by the CCSPD. The motion for this was passed by Janis and seconded by Larry. This was accepted unanimously.

• Advisory Committee on chancellor’s Statement –Drew/Peter
Drew had to leave the meeting early and this topic was not addressed.

• Request for co-sponsorship –Robin/Joy
Ideas about future events were shared. Janet Smith talked about the feedback CCSPD could provide to the University for its new physical plans and innovations. Other Universities can be used as examples. Larry also suggested that CCSPD co-sponsor the guest lecture organized as a part of the course taught by Joy Hammel and Robin Jones.

Adjournment: The motion to adjourn was made by Janis Hayden and seconded by Janet Smith.

Next meeting: October 21, 2005
11:30am -- 1:00pm


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