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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2004

DHSP Building , Room 448

(Chaired by Larry Voss)


Members present : Larry Voss, Robin Jones, David Mitchell, Carol Gill, Sally Bialas, Janis Hayden, Joy Hammel, Peter Berg, Kelly Munger, Katie Kieling, Janet Smith, Vandana Chaudry


Guests : Joy Hzyny (ODS), Pablo Acevedo (Transportation), Angel Diaz (Physical Plant Administration), Caryn Bills, Eynat Shevil, Terri Thrower, Sharon Lamp


Excused Absence : Eunjung Kim, Jeff Lewis


Meeting called to order : By Larry Voss


Approval of agenda :


• Agenda approved as presented (12/17/04 version, not the version sent by


Approval of minutes :

• Minutes of the November 19th meeting were approved as presented Motion:
Robin Jones, 2nd Sally B.

Treasurer's Report

• No formal figures available from OAE as of yet. Only commitments to date are the GA Salary. Larry will check regarding commitment made by CCSPD to co-sponsor event in October. Rules for co-sponsorship have changed and Larry will follow-up regarding any transfer of funds, etc. regarding this event.

New business :

Pablo Acevedo and Angel Diaz discussed the status of the bus lifts and problems associated with the gap between the lift and the wheel well. They discussed efforts to work with the lift manufacturer and the bus manufacturer to device a solution to the gap but neither of these entities would take responsibility for "fixing" the issue. The lift is in compliance with the ADA and there are not specifications in the transportation regulations regarding this type of situation. Pablo stated that UIC is purchasing two new buses and have looked at other models/options but they are priced beyond available resources. The two new buses purchased will have the same "gap" as the current systems have. There are solutions presented for creating a "filler block" that the driver would install in the area but the use of this "filler block" is under review by the Safety/Risk Management and legal staff at UIC. Concerns regarding the use of the "gap filler" have been raised and whether or not drivers would remember to install it prior to deploying the lift was discussed. Members of CCSPD expressed their concern for the safety of the lifts and identified that many people with disabilities may use the van motor pool service versus the shuttle buses due to the safety issue which will increase the demand for the van service and potentially stretch resources in that area beyond what they can handle. The CCSPD Access Committee will follow up on this issue with administration.

Joy Hyzny was present and reported that there was no news from the office other than the fact that they are understaffed and stretched very thin in the ability to meet student needs. The CCSPD expressed concern regarding the lack of hiring and appropriate staffing for the existing office. It was unclear if any staff recruitment was taking place at this time.

Old Business:

• Meeting with Chancellor Manning, Provost Michael Tanner and Pat Gill

The meeting is scheduled for January 4, 2005 at 11:00am. The Chancellor's Office has requested a list of all those to be present at the meeting. It is anticipated that the meeting will run for 30-45 minutes. The agenda items discussed during the November meeting are still relevant but Peter and Larry will put out an email to solicit other agenda issues.

Larry provided a brief overview of this task force for new members and those unaware of its existence. Members of CCSPD serving on that committee include: Carol Gill, Peter Berg, Robin Jones, Kelly Munger. The most recent meeting scheduled for December 13th was cancelled. A new meeting has been scheduled for January 5, 2005 at 3:00pm. The most recent meeting was not well attended but those present discussed qualifications for individuals employed in the Resource Center , issues related to documentation of disability and how it would be reviewed, the role of the UIC Health Service, etc. No formal recommendations have been drafted to date. Committee members discussed the fact that the ODS office has been understaffed for some time and that there have been few attempts by the staff within student services to address the needs and now things are at near crisis levels.

MOTION: CCSPD Charges the members of CCSPD who serve on the Disability Resource Center Task Force to convey the concerns of the CCSPD regarding the lack of services available to students with disabilities and ask the student services staff to take action to address the immediate crisis in ODS through use of alternative methods effective with the start of the Spring 2005 semester. Motion made by David Mitchell and seconded by Sally B.



• Program Subcommittee

Janice reported on behalf of the Program Committee and presented the draft budget for activities identified through summer 2005. The activities include a movie night in February 2005 as well as a Disability Arts and Cultural Festival on Monday, April 11, 2005 to coincide with city-wide activities recognizing disability and the Arts which will be held in April. David Mitchell provided an overview of the city-wide events
and activities that are currently in the planning process. It is hoped that the UIC event will bring in people who are connected to the city-wide events and draw some external support. David Mitchell has shared the UIC activities with the city-wide event committee and generated a lot of interest. David reported that an anticipated $2,000-3000 additional money can be raised through co-sponsorships within and external to UIC. This money will be utilized to offset the CCSPD budget for this activity. Some members expressed concern that the CCSPD has already done a lot of "cultural" and "arts" programs but has done little in the area of "advocacy" and disability-related "education/training".

The committee discussed the upcoming Disability Pride Parade that will occur in July 2005. No specific date has been set at this time and the parade planning committee has recently met to begin planning. CCSPD will participate through sponsorship at some level but no specific commitment will be made until more information is available.

A total of $7500 was requested by the Program Committee to support activities in 2005 with the understanding that they will attempt to raise additional funds to support the Disability Arts and Cultural Event. Due to the fact that there was not a quorum present at the time of this discussion approval of the program budget will take place via email.

Electric Vote : Vote to approve the proposed program budget of $7500 was taken place via listserv through December 20 to December 22. The program budget is approved with "yes" eleven votes; there was one "no" vote.



• Access Subcommittee

Jeff was not present at the meeting and no report was available.

• Campus Survey Committee

Carol Gill reported that the committee had met immediately prior to the meeting and had been collecting some information via email prior to their meeting. The UIC Survey Research Lab quoted approximately $20,000 to develop and conduct the survey of which CCSPD cannot afford. Thus, the committee has identified skills/knowledge within the committee that will be utilized to offset the activities that the Research Lab would have done and utilize the Research Lab for assistance with developing the web based survey, feedback on questions developed by the committee and analysis of the data. It is anticipated that the survey will cost $3-4,000 to complete. Funds for this activity will be requested via email vote.

• Disabled Student Union - No report given due to time constraints

• Office of Access & Equity - No report given due to time constraints

Adjournment : Meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm

Next meeting :

The Next meeting of CCSPD is January 21, 2005 from 11:30am-1:00pm in Room 448 of DHSP building. The committee will meet with the Chancellor/Provost
on January 4, 2005 at 11:00am.

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