The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 17, 2006 (11:30-1:00)
DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 204
Chaired by: Peter Berg and Janet Smith

Members Present: Peter Berg, Janet Smith, Katie Keiling, Sabryna Cornish, Sheila G. Martinotti, Janis Hayden, Kavitha Padmanabhan (Graduate Assistant)

Guests: Eynat Shevil (DIS), Caryn Bills (OAE), Maxine (ODS), Ed Brown (Capital Programs)

Meeting called to order by: Peter Berg/Janet Smith

Approval of Agenda: The motion to approve was made by Janis Hayden and seconded by Katie Keiling

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from 1-27-06 CCSPD Meeting were not available.

New Business

Treasurer Report: Robin Robin was not available but Peter informed the committee that the monies were budgeted for the events.

DHCC Request for FundingóPeter Peter informed the committee that the DHCC had requested for assistance for their event, Arts, History, and New Disability documentary in the Post-ADA era. However since the committee had budgeted its funds for CCSPD events it would not be able to assist with funding for the DHCC. Peter also suggested that the committee should assist in communicating and advertising the event in any way possible for example putting it on the List Serv. He also said that he would respond to the request from DHCC by emailing their representative Terri Thrower.

Executive Committee Report: Janet/Peter The Executive Committee met prior to the CCSPD meeting.

The executive committee discussed the names of people who want to serve on the committee next year. The committee also decided to solicit responses form the University as well as people from the Community. First the executive committee will go through and create a combined list that will be sent to Access and Equity and the Chancellor who will then make her selections.

Universal Design Event: Janis/Peter

The Universal Design event will be held on February 28th and March 1st. Captioning, sign language interpretation, personal assistant, room and catering have been confirmed. It was suggested that the Chancellorís letter requesting Deans and Department heads to ask their staff to participate in the event be circulated along with the event flyer in hard copy to targeted departments that the Program committee had come up with. There were also suggestions to have CCSPD giveaways like key chains and markers.

Old Business

DRC Director Search: Carol/Robin

7 applicants participated in a phone conference of the search committee. 3 prospective candidates will be recommendations to Carol Snow for a face-to-face interview. The search committee is looking to bring these candidates in April for about two days to meet various campus groups among which CCSPD would be one. There will also be separate time for student groups as well as other groups Facilities Management, OAE, Access Living, and Progress Center to meet with the candidates. Peter will keep everyone posted about the schedules.


Program Committee: Janis

The committee also discussed the April event for which confirmations were obtained for the room. There were issues with parking and accessible rest rooms in the facility confirmed for the April event and the committee discussed other possible venues.

ACDC Committee: Larry/Drew

Since Larry and Drew were not present this was not discussed. Peter informed that the committee that Larry and Peter were trying to meet and report it to CCSPD.

Survey Committe:Carol

Since Carol was not available this was not discussed.

CCSPD Website: Peter

Peter sent out an email to interested committee members to work with the Graduate Assistant in order to update the website and improve accessibility of the website.

Adjournment: Katie made the motion and Ed seconded the motion.

Next meeting: March 17, 2006, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm