The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities
Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 17, 2005 (11:30-1:00)
DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 448

Chaired by:  Peter Berg and Janet Smith  Members Present: Peter Berg, Janet Smith, Sheila G. Martinotti, Vladimir Cuk, Katie Keiling, David Mitchell, Janis Hayden, Joy Hammel, Carol Gill, Larry Voss, Robin Jones, Dariusz Barwacz , Kavitha Padmanabhan (Graduate Assistant)Guests: Eynat Shevil (DIS), Maxine Goldberg (DRC), Joy Hyzny (DRC)

Excused absence: Chiang Jao

Meeting called to order by: Peter Berg/ Janet Smith

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of January 27th and February 17th 2006, meeting were approved unanimously with suggested corrections.

New Business:

Universal Design Event
Recap & Follow Up– Janet/Peter/ Janis:
Peter, Janet and Janis gave the committee a brief recap of the Universal Design Event. Janis talked about departments that did not attend the meeting and suggested that a follow up be conducted to address additional training needs. Janet suggested that the committee also send a follow up letter to the Chancellor informing her about the outcome of the event and discuss areas that need to be targeted in the future with respect to who should attend these programs from the campus. She also advised that a follow up letter be sent to the speakers thanking them for their time. Robin addressed the issue of sending out evaluations to the attendees of the seminar asking them about the speakers, duration of the event and other program related issues.

Upcoming year CCSPD

Direction and Priorities–Peter/Janet:
Peter discussed the committee member selection process. He had sent out an email asking members to respond to have their names on the list. The Chancellor would then select members from that list. The committee discussed future responsibilities based on a general feedback of the committee undertakings as well as feedback with respect to advocacy, meeting times, CCSPD Event participation etc. The committee concurred that he Universal Design Theme was a great concept and future events may call upon community partners and address issues of making education universally accessible. Dariusz suggested that leadership conferences on Advocacy and Empowerment may be beneficial. Joy Hammel talked about how different departments are struggling with accommodations and hence, educational or instructional sessions for the University especially the decision makers about the reasonable accommodation would be useful. David suggested that the committee anticipate the student population that will enroll in the future and help the University have a system in place to support these students to help recruitment and retention. Larry proposed to have material on the CCSPD website talking about Universal Design and how it resonates with the Chancellors Statement of commitment. Janis recommended that the committee make it more visible and do outreach with the help of the media to spread the word about the committee as well as its work. The committee talked about having a media subcommittee in the future that addresses these needs. Sheila suggested that a good place to start would be orientation programs for new students.

Old Business:

Disability Resource Center
Director Search –Carol/ Robin:
Robin explained that 3 candidates were chosen after a telephone conversation with them. They were scheduled to visit the campus in the later part of April or early May. The process used for the interviews would be public forums, departments and committees would have a separate time with the candidates. The candidates would have to be chosen by Fall so that the DRC has a Director working in the Fall of 2006.

CCSPD Website
Peter talked about the CCSPD website and volunteers who agreed to work with the Graduate Assistant to update the website and deal with accessibility issues. Larry said that we can become a resource through our website. Joy Hyzny, Robin and Vandana agreed to work with the GA on this.


Program Committee
Janis informed that committee that the earlier event was well attended and she will have the new budget ready for review. The committee also discussed the details of the upcoming event and the Graduate Assistant informed them that the necessary arrangements were either made or being made.

ACDC Committee
The ACDC Committee is scheduled to meet soon and will have its report ready for the CCSPD.

Survey Committee
Carol gave the committee members a copy of the intended survey and requested feedback. Janet provided some resources regarding the Survey Research Labs. Joy also suggested some other research labs that may be able to help out with the survey. Robin talked about having a potential dollar amount requirement available so that funds could be solicited from the Provost Office. The committee could then support the survey with the knowledge of the resources that the Provost office could provide.

Adjournment: The motion to adjourn was made by Janis Hayden and seconded by Janet Smith.

Next Meeting: April 21, 2005, 11:30 am -- 1:00 pm