Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disability
August 17, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Joy Hammel, Marsha Cassidy, Robin Hurse, Alanna O’Connor, Jerry Lockwood, Peter Berg, Ryan Parrey, Janis Hayden, Mark Goerdert, and Joann Gras.
Members unable to attend: Ann Barnds, Drew Browning, Michelle Buland, Ed Garay, Elizabeth Gates-Ehlers, William Schubert, Caryn Bills, and Janet Smith.

GA: Sean Plomann
Guests: Roxanna Stupp and Marjana Manoski

New Business
A. Subcommittees
1. Survey Committee (preparing a University-wide survey on the campus climate for persons with disabilities.)

2.  Program Committee (planning outreach events to the University community)
Co-Chairs:  Peter Berg and Joann Gras
Members: Ann Barnds, Ryan Parrey, and Michelle Bulanda
Ad Hoc Member: Marsha Cassidy
3. Technology Committee (maintaining the CCSPD website; consulting on assistive technology and all other technology issues)

4. "ACDC" Committee (overseeing physical plant and access issues)

 5. Outreach Task Force

B. Budget: Joann Gras is to report back on the budget.
C. Goals for 2009-2010