Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

September 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Betsy Gates-Ehlers, Jerry Lockwood, Drew Browning, Joann Gras, Robin Hursey, William Schubert, Ed Garay, Mark N. Goerdert, Marsha Cassidy, Ryan Parrey, and Peter Berg.

Members unable to attend: Caryn Bills, Janis Hayden, Michelle Bulanda, Janet Smith, Alanna O’Connor, Ann Barnds, and Roxanna Stupp

GA: Sean Plomann

Guests: Alyson Patsayas

I. Approval of Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes:

II. Subcommittee Reports

Co-chairs: Summary of goals and activities

A. Program (Peter and Joann)

B. Technology (Mark and Alanna)

1.) Facilitate CCSPD communications to the campus and community through the web by providing regular updates to the CCSPD website.

2.) Revitalize the CCSPD website to bring it up to modern accessibility, design, and campus standards.

3.) Perform an advisory role providing technical expertise to the CCSPD.  The intrinsic value of the technology sub-committee lies in its ability to offer technical guidance in support of fellow committee members to further the mission of the CCSPD as a whole.

C. ACDC (Jerry and Peter)

1)  The advocacy role the Advisory Committee on the Disability Commitment (ACDC) plays on behalf of the CCSPD remains an important function.
2)  How or if this role overlaps / duplicates services being provided through the DRC Issue Resolution service needs to be evaluated further.  Any significant trends in the issues that DRC is made aware of should be shared with the ACDC and / or the CCSPD on a regular basis.
3)  The role of the ACDC relative to the mandated Office for Access and Equity (OAE) annual report on the implementation plan of the CCSPD needs to be assessed.
4)  Representatives of the ACDC will be meeting with Caryn Bills-Windt, Director of OAE, prior to the October CCSPD meeting.
5)  For the time being, the ACDC will meet on an as-needed basis responding to issues that are brought to its attention.

III. New Business