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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2004

DHSP Building , Room 448

(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)



Members present : Peter Berg, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Vandana Chaudhry, Kelly Munger, Robin Jones, David Mitchell, Drew Browning, Larry Voss, Eunjung Kim (grad assis.)


Guests : Edward Brown (OCP), Joy Hzyny (ODS), Heather Stout (ODS)


Excused Absence : Joy Hammel, Richard Larson, Carol Gill, Terri Thrower


Meeting called to order : By David Mitchell


Approval of agenda :

•  A motion to approve the meeting agenda was made by Larry Voss and seconded by Peter Berg. Approved unanimously.


Approval of minutes :

•  A motion to approve the meeting minutes from January 16, 2004 wa s made by Robin Jones, seconded by Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder. Amendment was made on Treasurer's Report and approved un animously.


Treasurer's Report and Bylaws Update

Robin reported that June 30 th is the end of the budget period. $6,500 was committed to the programs and there was $2,500 left for unde termined event.


New business :

•  David suggested composing an ad-hoc committee to decide how to commit the rest of the budget. Sally, Heather, Peter and Kelly volunteered to serve as ad-hoc committee in order to plan the event.

•  Discussion was held regarding the characteristics of future events including: out-reach to the community, minorities with disabilities, Unity Month and mutual efforts with other Chancellor's Status committees. Sally promised to track the new calendar of UIC events and draft a proposed CCSPD event plan for next year.


Larry explained that CCSPD was supposed to directly receive information if there was any complaint submitted through Internet complaint form. The decision was made to contact Caryn Bills to ensure this procedure Joy Hzyny suggested making an information sheet about how to file a complaint and distribute it.


Larry reported that he has been attending a series of meetings of co-chairs of all the Chancellor's "status" committees. Discussion held during these meetings has led to sending a letter to Chancellor Manning expressing concern over loss of direct input to the Chancellor over past years. Also discussed were ways in which the different status committees can share efforts on projects. The letter is requesting a meeting with Chancellor Manning to discuss these concerns.


Old Business


•  Classroom Captioning Transcript Availability

David reported that captioning transcript electronic file became available to the students who use the service. The decision had been made following UIUC's practice. Students requesting that transcripts be provided will need to request this accommodation through the Office of Disability Services at the beginning of the semester.


•  Advisory Committee on Disability Commitment (ACDC) and CCSPD

•  Discussion was held regarding the distinctions of the roles between ACDC and CCSPD. General agreement was reached that ACDC should be the subcategory of the CCSPD.

•  David suggested that subcommittee should develop the agenda and bring to the discussion in CCSPD meeting and forward the recommendation to ACDC. Two weeks before ACDC meeting, subcommittee would meet to draft agenda.


Sally reported that Kim Charles was in the process of investigating the usability of the website through the external consultant. The committee discussed that the suggested revision was not related with the usability. Robin suggested including photos of people with disabilities on the UIC website. Drew said that the issue would be discussed in the following ACDC meeting.


•  Program Subcommittee - Vote for Program Budget held via Listserv.

Peter asked for approval for approval $1260.00 to fund the Movie Night event scheduled for April 14, 2004. Peter posted the proposal to Internal listserv on March 12 , 2004. The proposal was approved with unanimous votes.


Adjournment : Meeting Adjourned at 1: 30 p.m.

Next meeting : May 21 , 2004

11:30 1:00 at DHSP (1640 W. Roosevelt ), Room 448

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