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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2004

DHSP Building , Room 448

(Chaired by Peter Berg)


Members present : Peter Berg, Sally Bialas, Drew Browning, Sabryna Cornish, Vandana Chaudhry, Janis Hayden, Robin Jones, Katie Keiling, Jeff Lewis, David Mitchell, Kelly Munger, Janet Smith, Eunjung Kim (graduate assistant)


Guests : Caryn Bills (OAE), Eynat Shevil (DIS)


Excused Absence : Larry Voss, Sabryna Cornish, Carol Gill, Joy Hammel


Meeting called to order : By Peter Berg


Approval of agenda :


• A motion to approve the meeting agenda was made and approved unanimously.


Approval of minutes :


• A motion to approve the meeting minutes from October 11, 2004 wa s made by Janis, seconded by Kelly and approved un animously.


Treasurer's Report and Bylaws Update

Robin reported that there have been no expenditures so far this semester. CCSPD voted to co-sponsorship the program: “Why & How Race Matters in the Domestic Violence Movement” on November 10th & 11th 2004 being held by The Campus Advocacy Network A question was raised if the co-sponsorship of $100 for the lecture was processed or not.


New business :

Subcommittee members and chairperson were recruited and formed as follows:

• Access subcommittee: Jeff (chair), Drew, Larry, Janet, Vandana

• Program subcommittee : Janis (chair), Sally, David, Peter

• Ad-hoc subcommittee for campus wide survey: Carol (chair), Robin, Katie, Kelly, Joy, Sabryna, Eynat.



New business (cont.) :

Strategies and agenda items were discussed regarding the upcoming meeting with the Chancellor and Provost. Two main issues raised were the report of The Chancellor's Committee on Disability Commitment (ACDC) and The Disability Resource Center (planned disability services office). Caryn and Drew explained that the ACDC report was still in the process of being revised. Sally requested the report be posted to the internal-listserv for the committee to review before the meeting.


Other issues discussed were:

• Concerns over the lack of an ADA overseeing office and reliable data to make presentation to Chancellor and Provost.

• Opening up the meeting with some achievements and positive changes at UIC.

• A request to inform new CCSPD members of the history of the committee activities and positions.

• Concern over the university's loss of many disabled students due to access problems.

• The need for the university to hold a disability awareness educational session or orientation.


Peter announced that the co-chairs would make a list of agenda items and post it to the listserv


Peter reported the meeting was held on October 29. The development of the center will be prior to the search of director. Ideas were exchanged regarding the order of hiring the director and the center set-up. Concerns were expressed with regard to interim management of the office.




• Advisory Committee on Disability Commitment

Drew reported briefly in the beginning of the meeting about the report status.


• Office of Access and Equity

Caryn distributed on-line complaint data submitted via the UIC web page form.


• Website

The new CCSPD website link will be reposted and co-chairs and graduate assistant will receive feedback via listserv.


Adjournment : Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Next meeting : December 17, 2004

11:30 – 1:00 at DHSP (1640 W. Roosevelt ), Room 448

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