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August 2010 Minutes

CCSPD Meeting Friday,
August 27, 2010, 1-2:30 p.m.

Ryan Parrey

Members in attendance:
Janis Hayden (co-chair of CCSPD)
Marsha Cassidy (co-chair of CCSPD)
Peter Berg (member)
Drew Browning (member)
Lisa Cushing (member)
Robert Dixon (member)
Yochai Eisenberg (member)
Mark Goedert (member)
Joann Gras (member)
Ahsor Malham (member)
Carol Rippey Massat (member)
William Schubert (member)
Cindy Swanson (member)
Patrick Juris (member; student advisory subcommittee)

Ryan Parrey (graduate assistant)

Roxana Stupp (ex-officio member)
Erica Barban (student advisory subcommittee)
Charles Stack (student advisory subcommittee)
Teresa Sullivan (student advisory subcommittee)
Vandana Chaudhry (student advisory subcommittee)
Dmitry Breytman (student advisory subcommittee)
Kristina Reis (student advisory subcommittee)
Lowell Seida (visitor)
Pamela Hill (ex-officio)
George Terzakis (visitor)

Members Absent:
Jerry Lockwood (member)
Alanna O’Conner (member)
Saad Jamil (member)

Caryn Bills (ex officio member)
Patti Casey (student advisory subcommittee)


  • May 2010 meeting minutes approved: motion to approve made by Bill Schubert motion seconded by Peter Berg
  • Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve made by Carol Massat. Motion to approve seconded by Bill Schubert
  • Welcome and Introductions

Assembled CCSPD members, student subcommittee members, and guests introduced themselves and described the skills they hope to bring to the committee.  Also, they talked about the long-range goals they hope to see the committee pursue this year, including more interaction with other Chancellor’s committees, stronger web presence, and greater cross-campus outreach.

IV.  Meeting details and procedures (Ryan)

  1. The CCSPD meets on the third Friday of each month from 1-2:30pm in DHSP 448
  2. Please email Ryan directly ( to RSVP
  3. Possible changes:  we can make arrangements if you need to telecommute
    1. It is possible that one meeting will be held on East campus, you will be
      notified in advance

V.  CCSPD Subcommittees:
Janis introduced the various subcommittees that members can serve on and
subcommittee chairs describe their committees in detail.  The subcommittee sign-up sheet was then circulated.

  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Peter Berg described the mission of the program committee and talked about resent events such as the Red Kite film screening, the Disability Pride parade, and the cultural events co-sponsored with Carrie Sandhal.
  • ACDC: Peter Berg talked about last year’s initiatives of snow removal policy, setting up a telephone hotline for snow-blocked paths, and helped resolve the problem of malfunctioning lifts on intercampus busses.  This year ACDC plans to work on accessible housing issues.
    • Finally, Peter called for members interested in ensuring the campus maintain the Chancellor’s commitment to accessibility.
    • Marsha described ACDC as half advisory committee and half watch-dog group.
    • Janis commented that the committee can help by acting/voicing concerns proactively and provide a resource for students.
  • SURVEY COMMITTEE: Janis Hayden reviewed the history and purpose of the Survey Committee.  The committee is committed to conducting a survey to assess the “disability climate” across UIC.  She reported that there was a problem last year in getting contracts approved but this is currently being reviewed by UIC legal and purchasing departments.
    • Joann explained that UIC needs only to approve the wording of the contract and who will receive the survey.  The working deadline to begin the survey is October.  If this is not met it will be pushed back to February.  If it is not distributed by then it may not happen at all.
  • WEB/TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Mark Goedert explained that this committee works to provide technical support for the CCSPD website and to ensure that we have an online presence.  The committee is concerned with accessible technology and how to make technology most useful for students and faculty.
  • OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Marsha talked about the Outreach Taskforce which is chaired by Alanna.  The committee works to promote outreach between our committee and other Chancellor’s committees.  This helps us stay in touch and collaborate.
    • Janis  suggested inviting student groups.
  • STUDENT ADVISORY SUBCOMMITTEE:  A motion to establish the student advisory subcommittee was made by Janis and seconded by Joann.

The motion was unanimously approved.

    • Marsha explained that as of now the details of the committee’s mission are undefined.  The committee’s mission will be developed by its members, in collaboration with the full CCSPD. 
    • Student Advisory Subcommittee members are not voting members of CCSPD.
    • Patrick Juris volunteered to organize the committee.

VI.  Mark Geodert presented the new CCSPD website:

  • Goals with new website: accessibility, content, promotion.

Accessibility is 100% on the site.
In terms of promotion: Mark thinks the program committee could be highlighted

  • In the future Mark will proofread the site and add more content.
  • We need to add photos, send your pictures to Mark!
  • Finally, he asked:
  • Can we go live with the website?  Bill Schubert moved to take the site online, the motion was seconded by Peter Berg.

2. Where should we go from here?

*Theresa Sullivan suggested putting together a map of “accessible UIC” to
include on the website.  This would include accessible dorm rooms, bathrooms, bus routes, etc.

*Marsha asked whether photos on the site include audio descriptions.  They do.  She encouraged everyone to take pictures of CCSPD events they attend.  Also, she mentioned that the Gender and Sexuality Center (BSB) has produced welcoming videos we can use as models.

*Mark needs some people with technical skills to update pages as well as skills in helping to put together new content. Joann will proofread the copy.
Marsha will send copy for description of subcommittees and photos from 2009 Pride Parade.

VII.  New Business:
1.  Program Committee

Peter made a motion to vote on co-sponsoring a Latino Heritage Month event in October.  The motion to vote was seconded by Robert Dixon. 

  • This event focuses on barriers faced by Latino students entering higher education.
  • Peter proposed we co-sponsor the event with $1,500 in funding.
  • Janis lent support to co-sponsorship, saying that it helps promote CCSPD’s message that disability is an across the board issue.

Janis described the Licia Carlson bioethics event in October and suggested we co-sponsor the event.  A motion to co-sponosor event was made by Peter and seconded by Bill Schubert.

  • Co-sponsorship of this event entails $300 in funding.
  • Ongoing Business:
    • We talked about the importance of outreach and of having a cross-campus presence on/among other campus groups and some concrete ways to accomplish this goal such as attending other Chancellor’s committee and student group meetings.
    • Several CCSPD members (Theresa, Joann, and others) have connections with or hold positions on other committees or are involved with other projects that might easily provide an opportunity for increased collaboration.
  • A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Schubert and seconded by Peter Berg.

Action Items:

  • Youchai and Joann --work on "accesibility map"
  • Mark--add finishing touches to website
  • Peter—gather more information about the Latino Heritage Event


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