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Chancellor's Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2003
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)

Members Present: Peter Berg, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Lucy Cotugno, Carlos Drazen, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, Robin Jones, Richard Larson, David Mitchell, Terri Thrower, Larry Voss, Judy Holst (summer graduate assistant)

Meeting called to order: David Mitchell

Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the meeting minutes from May 2, 2003 was initiated by Carol Gill, seconded by Peter Berg, and approved.

New Business:
· Summer Graduate Assistant - Larry
Eunjung Kim will be in Korea for the summer, communicating via e-mail. Judy Holst will be assisting the committee in her absence.

· Disability Services Office - Larry
Coordinator Richard Allegra has left the Office; it is likely that Heather Stout will be interim head. The Committee discussed converting the Coordinator's position into a Directorship, possibly incorporating 504 responsibilities, adjusting the pay scale, and undertaking a national search. Carol Gill volunteered the Model Disability Services Committee for drafting a letter of "vision."

· July Meeting - Larry
A decision was reached to hold a July meeting on the 11th despite anticipated absences by Richard and Sally.

Old Business:
· Organizational structure for 2003-2004 - David/Larry
Executive Committee: Discussion was held regarding the function, composition, meeting schedule, and criteria for service on the Executive Committee. Recommendations for changes to the Bylaws were made for subsequent distribution and voting: Members of the Executive Committee should have at least one year of prior service on CCSPD (excluding students); and the Executive Committee (like the sub-committees, see below) should hold regular meetings in the off months of full Committee meetings and should file a written report of meeting activities. Otherwise, the existing composition (including the co-chairs, one faculty, one staff, and one student) was approved.

Sub-Committees: It was agreed that the language concerning the sub-committees in the bylaws should be formalized, that the sub-committees (like the Executive Committee) should meet bi-monthly in the off cycle of full CCSPD meetings, and that they should file a written report of meeting activities. A recommendation was made to make examples of the four current standing sub-committees in the bylaws plus an allowance for additional task-specific ad-hoc committees. Furthermore, it was recommended that all Members of CCSPD should serve on at least one sub-committee (excluding the Executive).

· Programming for 2003-2004 - David
A symposium on race and disability was discussed. It was proposed that an ad hoc committee with links to the Programming and Diversity standing sub-committees should convene to organize the Symposium. A decision was made to encourage non-CCSPD membership on this organizational committee via the listserv and through conversations with other Chancellor's Committees. Carlos Drazen volunteered to do preliminary research.

· Bylaws - Robin
The recommended changes included the following: Members of the Executive Committee should have served on CCSPD at least one year (excluding students); there should be new language about "standing" sub-committees in addition to an allowance for flexible task-specific ad hoc committees; the Executive Committee and the sub-committees should submit written reports of their meeting activities; the full CCSPD and the Executive/sub-committees should meet six times per year on an alternating schedule; there should be language about attendance expectations; CCSPD's membership is expected to serve on at least one sub-committee (excluding the Executive Committee); there should be language about CCSPD's commitment to diversity; notice of upcoming meetings should be communicated via UIC newspapers, UIC announcement web-page, the Committee's web-site, and internal/external listservs. Robin Jones will submit a draft of the proposed revisions to the listserv for a vote in July.

· Chancellor's Statement Advisory Committee
The list of new members was read and discussed.

· Treasurer's Report - Lucy Cotungo/ Robin Jones
Between $673.78 and $929 remains uncommitted.

· Summer Arts Event - Terri Thrower
A schedule of events was presented to take place at the CCC. Terri Thrower reported securing funds from the DSU, the AHS student council, CCB, CCW, the DIS PhD program, and she requested an additional $300 from CCSPD.

· Additions to CCSPD Video Library - Larry
Due to the end of the fiscal year (July 1) and p-card constraints, final decisions needed to be made by June 23rd/24th.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 1:40

Next meeting: July 11, 2003
12:00-1:30 at IIDD (1640 W. Roosevelt Road), Room 448

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