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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2005

DHSP Building , Room 448

(Chaired by Peter Berg)


Members present : Kelly Mungers, Sally Bialas, Carol Gill, Joy Hammel, Larry Voss, David Mitchell, Peter Berg, Janis Hayden, Jeff Lewis, Eunjung Kim (Grad Assistant)

Guests : Eynat Shevil (DIS), Ed Brown (Capital Program)

Excused Absence : Janet Smith, Robin Jones

Meeting called to order : By Peter Berg

Approval of agenda :

• Agenda approved with added item. -New CCSPD web site

 Approval of minutes :

• Minutes of the December 17th meeting were approved as presented (with date correction). Motion: David Mitchell, 2 nd Sally Bialas

 Treasurer's Report

• No formal figures available from OAE as of yet. Only commitments to date are the GA Salary.

 New business :

Eunjung Kim finished work on new CCSPD web site last fall. Motion to approve new website was made by David and seconded by Larry Voss and Sally Bialas. A question was raised regarding the accessibility of the website by Joy Hammel. Eunjung and Peter confirmed that it was accessible to individuals using screen readers. Discussion was held regarding the University‘s policies on website accessibility and the need for monitoring. There was a discussion on need for mandatory procedures and training. Suggestions were made on ways to review University department homepage's for accessibility was made: 1) Great Lakes ADA center be connected to the CCSPD Access subcommittee; 2) hiring new graduate assistant with specialty on website accessibility; 3) hiring specialist in an hourly salary.

• Graduate Assistant Position Search

Peter announced that Eunjung was leaving her GA position. There had been one resume submitted as a result of the distribution of the position description on various list serves and through several faculties.

• Status Committee co-chair meeting

Peter reported that there were three main points from the all status committee co-chair meeting.

1) Sending out a joint letter to the Chancellor addressing issues of inflexible member appointment procedures and term limits.

2) The Provost will meet all status committees at the end of May. Focus of this meeting will be around 2010 Report.

3) Each committee shared their experiences from their meeting with the Chancellor.

 • Recap of special meeting with Chancellor Manning

Larry will put meeting Minutes from the meeting with the Chancellor on the internal list serve. Discussion was held regarding urgent issues raised at the meeting such as the purchase of busses with safety issues. Motion was made that co-chairs write a letter requesting that this situation be addressed immediately by David and seconded by Joy. Approved unanimously. The letter would be sent to the Chancellor, the Provost, Pat Gill and Pablo.

• Meeting time

Due to the time conflict of several members, new meeting time was suggested as 11:00-12:30 on third Friday of each month and would be posted to the listserv. It was suggested that teleconference would be used as a way to participate in meetings.

 Old Business:

Carol briefly explained the status and issues regarding the draft proposal submitted by submitted by Caryn Bills. Concern was raised regarding the current crisis with in ODS and a motion was made by David to ask the Chancellor to address this situation along with the bus situation immediately. Carol and Joy seconded. Approved unanimously.


• Program Subcommittee

Janice reported on behalf of the Program Committee that a movie night would be held on Wednesday February 23 rd and the mini-conference on April 11 th . Discussion was held regarding the direction of the programming. Carol suggested that universal design and access issues be incorporated into the mini-conference event. Other suggestions were to invite administrative personnel to the April event.

• Disabled Student Union

Kelly suggests that DSU participate in addressing shuttle bus problem.

• Office of Access & Equity - No report given due to time constraints

 Adjournment : Motion to adjourn was made by Carol and seconded by Janis. Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm

Next meeting :

The Next meeting of CCSPD is February 18 from 11:00am-12: 30pm in Room 204 of DHSP building.


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