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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2004

DHSP Building , Room 448

(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)



Members present : Larry Voss, David Mitchell, Sally Bialas, Kelly Munger, Carlos Drazen, Robin Jones, Richard Larson, Beth Marks, Heather Stone, Terri Thrower, Drew Browning, Vandana Chaudry, Carol Gill (via phone), Eunjung Kim (grad assis.)


Guests : Heather Stout (ODS), Joy Hzyny (ODS), Kim Charles , Katie Keiling (IDHD)


Excused Absence :


Meeting called to order : By Larry Voss


Approval of agenda :

•  A motion to approve the meeting agenda was made by Sally Bialas and seconded by Terri Thrower. Approved unanimously.


Approval of minutes :

•  A motion to approve the meeting minutes from March 19, 2004 wa s made by Sally Bialas, seconded by Terri Thrower and approved un animously.


Treasurer's Report and Bylaws Update

Robin reported that June 30 th is the end of the budget period. $6,500 was committed to the programs and there was $2,500 left for unde termined event.


New business :

Kim Charles explained the result of the study of disability resources link. Overall assessment of accessibility of the link and UIC's commitment were reported to be fine. Sally recommended adding graphic representation of disabled students on the homepage. Larry asked to increase the font size of the link. The link would be moved into the left hand side. Kim asked continuous suggestions from the committee and offered help to ODS. Sally volunteered to work with ODS on this matter.

Larry reported that there were many applicants for the membership from all over the campus thanks to massmail announcement. Personal statements were submitted too. Executive committee would post names with the summary each statement to the listserv for vote.


David stated that his term ended. Even though there was some concern not to have faculty as co-chair, Peter was recommended. Motion to suggest Peter as co-chair was made by Sally and seconded by Carlos. Approved unanimously.


Larry reported that IBHE report had been submitted without any Chancellor's Committees consultation. There had been the search committee composed for the director of ODS. David reminded the committee of the meeting with the Chancellor last year and ODS position was promised to be upgraded. Concerns were raised regarding the salary of the director and the search procedure. Discussion was held regarding the administrative redundancy between ADCD and the committee. It is suggested that CCSPD would develop the agenda for ADCD meeting and let ACDC report to CCSPD.


•  Carol reported that the Disability Services Model subcommittee suggested conducting campus survey on the experiences of faculty, staff and students at UIC. Campus Survey Research Laboratory could be hired for this job with the budget of $2-4000. Motion to undertake the survey was made by Heather and seconded by Sally. Approved unanimously.

•  Terri asked funding and sponsorship for a cultural event during Disability Pride Parade week (July 18-26 th ). Motion was made to sponsor $100 by Carol and Terri seconded. Vote was in favor of the motion unanimously.

•  Kelly suggested having 7-9 pm cultural event during the pride parade week. Ideas were shared about the appropriate movies for the event. Terri, Vandana, Sally, Peter agreed to collaborate on this matter. Terri made a motion to approve the event and Kelly seconded. Approved unanimously.


•  Schedules for next semester. Monthly/Bimonthly meeting.

•  Suggestions for DVD/Video purchase.

•  Upcoming year's FunFair and its planning by Program subcommittee

•  Problems in UIC website inhibiting access – Joy Hzyny


Adjournment : Meeting Adjourned at 1: 15 p.m.

Next meeting : J uly 16 , 2004

11:30 – 1:00 at DHSP (1640 W. Roosevelt ), Room 448 (– Cancelled). [Back]   [Home]