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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2003

DHSP Building, Room 448

(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)

Members present : Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Drew Browning, Vandana Chaudhry, Carol Gill, Joy Hammel, Robin Jones (via phone), David Mitchell, Kelly Munger, Heather Stone, Terri Thrower, Larry Voss, Eunjung Kim (graduate assistant)

Guests : Joy Hzyny(ODS)

Excused absence : Carlos Drazen, Beth Marks, Peter Berg

Meeting called to order : By David Mitchell

Approval of agenda :

•  Discussion of electronic complaint submission form was suggested for addition to agenda

•  Modified agenda approved

Approval of minutes : A motion to approve the meeting minutes from September 19 , 2003 was made and carrie d.

New business :

•  Discussion was held regarding the response from Chancellor and the Advisory Committee on Disability Commitment (ACDC)

•  Agreement was reached about requesting clarification from the Chancellor regarding the selection criteria for the ODS directorship and confirmation of the commitment to the director's position.

•  Vote was held to fill two slots out of three recommended members (Sally, Carol and Peter) for the executive committee. Carol and Peter earned majority votes.

•  Robin (treasurer) Terri (student member), Carol Gill (faculty), Peter Berg (staff) and co-chairs Larry and David will serve as the executive committee for the year 03-04.

•  Captioning transcript availability in classes

•  David raised a question about the ODS policy of prohibiting the release of captioning transcript from the classes. Joy Hzyny was designated to inquire further the rationale and clarification of the policy.

•  Access subcommittee (Joy Hammel, Vandana Chaudhry, Joy Hzyny) will work on making transcripts available upon the request of students.

•  Permissions for public showing of films on movie nights

Discussion was held regarding the acquisitions of videos for the CCSPD Library. The CCSPD will continue its practice of purchasing videos at the institutional rate, which will allow public screenings of these titles.

Larry raised a question about the efficiency of decision-making through listserv given that the committee meets every other month. In order to improve the usage of the internal listserv, Joy Hammel suggested that the deadline of response be included in the title of posted email to the listserv. No response would be considered a favorable vote. Agreement was reached regarding this suggestion.

Old Business

Program subcommittee will plan alternative event of the year. The funds allocated for the Race/Disability conference are available for an alternative event.

Drew Browning, the chair of ACDC, reported that the ACDC was working on the issue of website linkage, fixed route transportation, and paratransit. Drew informed CCSPD that the suggestion was submitted to the Department of Transportation regarding the cost of the transportation service for faculty and staff.

•  Web page link

Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder volunteered to send a request to Mark Rosata on the addition of Disability Resource link into the column of regular menu bar. Carol made a motion to approve and David seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


•  Disability Services Model Subcommittee

Carol presented the draft of disability service model and asked feedback for revision. The written report was submitted.

•  Program Subcommittee

The written report was submitted. Online voting was held on October 22 nd 23rd regarding the first event on November 3 rd , 2003 with total $1655.00 and approved unanimously.

Adjournment : Meeting Adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Next meeting : January 16 , 2004

11:30 1:00 at DHSP (1640 W. Roosevelt), Room 448

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