Minutes- November 21, 2008 CCSPD Meeting


Present members: Peter Berg, Scott Friedman, Mark Goedert, Ed Garay, Jerry Lockwood, Darlene Ebel, Roxana Stupp, Betsy Gates- Ehlers, Drew Browning, Janet Smith, Sean Plomann (GA), Alanna O'Connor (via phone)


Approval of Agenda:


New Business:

Meeting with Provost and Chancellor Follow-up


University 504/ADA Coordinator:


Request for Funding:

1) promotes awareness
2) educates more students on disability

Inviting Vice-Chancellor Walden to Next Meeting:

- the word 'diversity' in the school's charter
- committed to adversity and making people more aware of it

Old Business and Reports:
Program Committee:

Turnout was about 70 people or so

Accessibility of Campus Climate to Enhance Student Success Program- Survey:


DRC Report: