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CCSPD Minutes
March 25, 2002
Held at IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Robin Jones & Larry Voss)

Members Present:  Robin Jones, Larry Voss, Joy Hzyny, Heather Stanton, Lucy Cotugno, Yanling (Millie) Li, Peter berg, Erick Lopez, Joann
                                 Gras, Eunjung Kim(grad assist)
Excused Absences: Elyse Nowak, Carol Gill
Guests:                    Caryn Bills, OAE

Meeting called to order:
By Robin Jones & Larry Voss

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from February meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Lucy Cotugno reported that some of the costs are exceeding the amount budgeted. She currently estimates that our spending will exceed the budget by approximately $ 1,000. Accommodation cost can be submitted to the Chancellor’s office if our expenses exceed our budget. The Executive Committee will monitor the budget.

Executive Committee Report:

Award Banquet

Robin Jones reported that the Award committee has been established and award nominations are due April 5, 2002. The Banquet will be held on April 29, 4:00-6:00 at Hyatt University Village. A violinist with a disability has been invited for entertainment. Due to problems experienced with the podium last year it was determined that a single head table with a microphone will be used in lieu of a podium. No “head” table will be established this year as everyone is encouraged to network via the “rounds”. 
Discussion was held regarding whom to invite. Last year, we invited staff of Disability services, key faculty of Disability Studies program, and members of DSU. Due to budget constraints, etc. an invitation will be extended to the Disability Services Office Staff but faculty of the Disability Studies Program will not be specifically invited this year. All members of the CCSPD are encouraged to attend. 
A contract was submitted for purchase order with Hyatt and Joann Gras is managing this process. We have established a guarantee of 25. Awardees will be allowed to invite up to two guests to join them at the dinner. Notice will be sent to them upon completion of the award nomination/review process. The menu is under review by the committee. Many members expressed support for a menu similar to that used last year. 
Discussion was held about the idea of a banquet, its purpose and suggestions for future. Larry Voss commented that this award is really all about (given that it is an event that is only known in a very insular community) recognizing important accomplishments and groups in the UIC environment; thus it might be a really good opportunity for publicity and outreach. It is suggested that the idea of a banquet might be rethought for next year – suggestions were made for a reception that invited the whole campus community. These concerns are especially relevant given the ever-tightening budget. 

Meeting with the Chancellor – April 22, 2002 (2-5pm)
Robin Jones mentioned that the next meeting has been cancelled and moved to April 22nd to coincide with Chancellor Manning’s schedule. The issue of setting an agenda for discussion with the Chancellor was raised, so that time would not be wasted at the meeting and important issues would not be overlooked. This is an opportunity to collect input on questions from a lot of people and would even hope that a list of questions/topics/concerns could be prepared and given to the chancellor before the meeting – so the committee could be very well prepared for the meeting to be productive.
Larry Voss would like to look again at recommendations of disability services consultants, and review what progress has been made on those issues. Larry Voss would like to bring this issue/grievance to the table at the meeting. One of the major points to discuss is the lack of response to the recommendation that Disability Services be moved out of the current counseling center. There is the general idea that there needs to be more input regarding the questions to be posed to the Chancellor, and that there needs to be a push for full attendance from the Committee and all representatives of the various sub-groups.

Update: Campus Committee to Draft UIC Commitment statement re: People with Disabilities: The committee has been meeting via e-mail and several different draft statements have been circulated. Most recently, Patricia Gill, Associate Chancellor had sent a draft to the Chancellor, and received feedback. Robin Jones explained the content of the statement drafted. Larry Voss pointed out the key issues about the language and the current status of UIC commitment of Board of Trustees. 

Campus Forum Committee: Peter Berg reported that the next forum regarding Campus Housing will take place on March 27th (Wed.) with Anthony Martin. That will be in SSB meeting room B, from 12 to 1:30, with light refreshments. Captioning and sign interpreters are being provided. Student attendance is important – a mass email, UIC bulletin boards and flyers have been implemented to try and increase attendance. 
The final forum regarding Campus Facilities will be April 10th, in CIU room 206, from 12 to 1:20. Mark Donovan has agreed to participate and Peter has sent email requesting James Forrester from Capital Development be in attendance. Next film night is April 9th, which is a Tuesday, from 4-6 pm, at the CIU, Chicago Room A. Instead of film night for June, Carol Gill has advised that there is opportunity to have Harilyn Rousso (a women’s disability advocate) speak at an event. 

As far as events are concerned, those remaining are:
        - April 9th Film night
        - April 29th Award banquet
        - June 11th Harilyn Rousso

Proposed events for next year, include:
        - interpretive dance
        - Jim Ferris (poet)
        - movie night event(s)

Consideration needs to be given to what follow up needs to take place.

Disability Student Services Model Task Force: The committee has not met. There is nothing further to report at this time.

DSU Report: Eric Lopez reported that DSU did a fundraising at a church of one of the members. They received half the funds from the church collection. DSU will be taking part in a new student welcoming event. There has been almost no success in recruiting undergrad students – especially since these students are mostly commuters.

Office of Access and Equity: Reported that the group has a video of the teleconference for viewing by the committee – if they wish. Attendance for the event was 35 people. There were many in attendance who were outside the regular community of contact. Caryn reported that Joy Hzyny is working with Ed Gray at ITL to put it on a UIC web cast.
The office has been reviewing projects that were proposed in the 1988 ADA review and working with Capital Projects There is also a list from 1994 of serious, known access issues that have not been addressed that needs to be taken up with the Chancellor. The state had provided some funding to address these issues but this funding is nearly depleted with many ADA violations remaining. One serious issue included in this list is the lack of alternative emergency alarm systems – including visual alarms for fires. There have also been, historically, contractor issues that have prevented some of these projects from moving forward successfully. A meeting will be scheduled to review the status of this list of ADA projects.

Disability Services Office: Discussion was held regarding the disability resources portions of the UIC website. It was reported that the website makes it very difficult to find any resources, and is difficult to navigate. The State of Illinois has adopted web accessibility guidelines and issued them on February 14, 2002. Application of these guidelines to the University as well as enforcement statewide is unknown at this time.
Reference was made to the Ohio State University Program that provides on-going support for faculty and staff related to web accessibility. Questions regarding implementation of similar services and programs at UIC were discussed. The Ohio State system may be a “best practices” model to follow.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm
Next meeting will be held on April 22, 2002 
At IIDD Auditorium; 1640 W. Roosevelt Road
2:00-4:00 pm


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