CCSPD Meeting
January 27, 2006

Members Present: Janet Smith, Peter Berg, Janis Hayden, Larry Voss, Carol Gill, Dariusz Barwacz, Vandana Chaudhry, Katie Keiling, Sheila Martinotti

Excused: Robin Jones, Joy Hammil, Drew Browning

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes with correction from Carol Gill regarding 11/15 event Voting Meeting Minutes

3. No treasurer’s report since Robin was not present.

4. DRC search committee update from Carol Gill
28 applications met minimum requirement
committee did follow-up calls with several o narrow down to invite to campus
members noted the positive difference from last search and felt the UIC message was positive
they will provide campus visit dates to committee so we can assure good turnout.

5. Website: somewhere in updating the CCSPD website, it lost its accessible features. Proposed an ad hoc committee to work with Kavitha to make recommendations. Vandana agreed to work on ad hoc committee to review CCSPD web site, Vladimir Cuk, Joy Hizney would be asked to work on committee.

6. Update on ACDC: Larry Voss provided a written report that spoke to:
-updating on-line access map, Universal design for purchases i.e. furniture, alterations with language development, Executive Notice 97-01 updated to include language regarding universal design, Developing series of checklists for foreman, Review of all UIC facilities checking on automatic door access, Establishment of time line for completion of projects
-ACDC future meeting items: evacuation planning, parking considerations, and evacuation drills, lighting issues, hands free entrance access into parking lots.
-Larry and the committee agreed that it is important to keep ACDC /CCSPD in the loop on all these items. Proposal was to move meeting times to meet prior to CCSPD monthly meetings
-Other items/questions: Transportation issues for students (motor pool availability, bumping students), and cafeteria access issues at hospital (can only get in through exit).

7. Reports
Program Committee: Promotion of Universal Design event needs to take place now. Flyers, letters and email to be sent out to assure good turnout.
Survey Committee: Survey distributed to sub-committee and draft letter to Provost explaining survey purpose. Discussed the question raised: what information the Provost is seeking with survey? Agreed that it was both to understand needs/issues for individuals with disabilities on campus, and to provide base line information that can then be updated periodically.
Other business:
Sharon Lamp brought some transportation issues to the attention of the Committee:
Lifts not working
October incident with driver
Issue with gap on bus lift even after modifications