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Chancellor's Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2003
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)
Members Present: Peter Berg, Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Lucy Cotugno, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, Robin Jones, Richard Larson, Beth Mark, David Mitchell, Elyse Nowak, Larry Voss, Eunjung Kim (graduate assistant).
Guests: Caryn Bills, OAE, Carlos Drazen, DHD
Excused Absences: Terri Thrower, Jamie Owen Daniel, Mariana Cuceu, Zakiyyah Wahid

Meeting called to order: By David Mitchell

Approval of Minutes : 4-11-03 CCSPD Meeting minutes approved.

New Business
· Submission of names for CCSPD membership to Chancellor
Proposed new names for 2003-04: Carlos Drazen, DIS student, Drew Browing, faculty, Heather Stone, DIS student, Kelly Munger, DHD student, Masako Gatto, ACCC staff, Vandana Chaudhry, SW student, Joy Hammel, OT faculty. A motion to submit names above was made and approved unanimously.
Leaving members: Erick Lopez, Lucy Cotugno, Zakiyyah Wahid.

· Selection of co-chair for 2003-2004
Larry Voss was nominated as co-chair for another term by David Mitchell. Approved unanimously.

· Disability & Race/Ethnicity Program event for next year
Discussion was held regarding next year's programs including Disability and Race/Ethnicity event. Logistics were discussed.

· CCSPD meeting/subcommittee schedule for next year - Larry/David
Discussion was held regarding the role of subcommittees and alternating general meeting and subcommittee meetings every month. Robin Jones will draft the amendment of the by-laws regarding meeting schedule. A "Retreat meeting" is scheduled on June 20 for planning next year's programs.

Old Business

· CCSPD web page link for reporting UIC access issues - Larry
Peter Berg reported difficulties accessising this page using screen reader software. A revised page will be available for comments during the next two weeks.
· Update on Chancellor's Statement advisory committee
Caryn Bills reported that Diane Coleman was accepted to the advisory committee. David Mitchell requested Caryn Bills to resubmit Elyse Nowak to the advisory committee.


· Treasurer's Report - Lucy Cotugno
$2,744.44 remains uncommitted. Various options for committing budget suggested.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 1:30

Next meeting: June 20, 2003
12:00 - 1:30 at IIDD (1640 W. Roosevelt Road), Room 448


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