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Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting Minutes
August 8, 2003
DHSP Building, Room 448
(Chaired by Larry Voss & David Mitchell)

Members present: Peter Berg, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, David Mitchell, Larry Voss, Lucy Cotugno, Elyse Nowak, Carlos Drazen (new member), Sharon Snyder (guest), Edward Brown (Capital Programs representative), Heather Stout (interim ex-officio)

Meeting called to order: David

Old business:
· Letter to Chancellor Manning re. Disability Services Director - David
The letter incorporated suggestions sent out over the internal listserv, was hand-delivered to the Chancellor's office, but there has been no response as yet.

· CCSPD Membership for 2003-2004 - David
Elyse Nowak announced that she will not be continuing with CCSPD, but that she will continue to serve in an informal consulting role. Elyse received a certificate acknowledging her service to CCSPD & UIC. Plaques were presented to Joann Gras and Lucy Cotugno in appreciation of their many years working as CCSPD members. Updated contact information is required for new member, Heather Stone. Otherwise, all incoming members have been notified.

· Programming - Joanne/David
A video montage of highlights from "Crip Slam" is being created and will be posted on the CCSPD web page for outreach purposes. Questions of access were raised and discussed. Members discussed favorite parts of the events. A motion to vote on whether to grant Terri's request for an additional $300 (brining CCSPD's total contribution to $1400) was initiated by Carol Gill, seconded by Peter Berg, and passed unanimously.

· Additions to CCSPD video library - Larry
Retrieving videos from ODS was discussed, and it was recommended that a list of CCSPD's video library should be put on the website to promote circulation.

· Race and Disability Symposium - Sharon Snyder
A draft report was circulated which reflected preliminary research on the symposium. A single-day event featuring a few keynote presenters (possibly including Lynn Manning, Michael Blatchford, Huston Baker, Barbara Ramsey) plus local invited presenters (like T-10 & Psycho, Sander Gillman) was proposed. A lot of discussion was held on how to reach out to and involve other Chancellor's Committees in the planning process. It was decided that a good first step would be to identify sub-committee members from CCSPD (keeping in mind that there will be a lot of turnover in September), and Carlos Drazen accepted Co-Chair responsibilities for the event.

Open Discussion with Edward Brown: Ed Brown, of Capital Programs, reported that the sidewalk destruction outside of Marshfield was initiated by the city and that it was not coordinated with his unit. Other relevant offices were identified: Heat & Power and Facilities Management. The committee pointed out that while the University might not be able to take responsibility for any/all disruptions in accessibility, that they should be held responsible for adequate signage. Ed Brown said that while there is no official ADA/504 advisor in Capital Programs, that he and Ron Schon were "the most knowledgeable". Ed Brown agreed to bring up the question of adequate signage at the next Capital Programs meeting, and agreed to let the committee put his name on the website. Further discussion was held on the need for a centralized policy/position regarding ADA/504 issues.

Next meeting: September 19, 2003
12:00 - 1:30 at DHSPB (1640 W. Roosevelt), Room 448

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