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Chancellor's Committee on the Status Of Persons with Disabilities
Monthly Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2002
IIDD Room 448
(Chaired by David Mitchell and Larry Voss)

Members Present:
Larry Voss, David Mitchell, Peter Berg, Lucy Cotugno, Mariana Cuceu, Jamie Owen Daniel, Carol Gill, Joann Gras, Robin Jones, Richard Larson, Beth Marks, Terri Thrower, Eunjung Kim (graduate assistant)
Guests: Caryn Bills, OAE, Joy Hyzny, ODS, Lowell M. Seida, Chicago Boat Club, Joan Schwamlein, OCP.
Excused Absences: Sally Bialas-Bittenbinder, Richard Allegra
Meeting called to order: By David Mitchell
Approval of minutes: Minutes from September 13, 2002 meeting were approved.

New business:

David Mitchell suggested restructuring the committee by setting up key issues to focus on for this year. Three priority items were suggested. The priority items would be used to form subcommittees focused on each priority for the year.
· Model Disability Services Office Update
David suggested we formulate the possible ideals of a disability services model. Carol Gill stated that the newly restructured subcommittee would meet and share the information gathered in a presentation to the full committee. Discussion was held regarding a variety of different models with different philosophies at other universities.
· "Universal" Classroom Designs in IIDD (Rooms 204, 448, Auditorium)
David explained that DHD was doing the project to develop universally designed classroom in IIDD. It was said that DHD classroom might be a model place for university. The committee can provide input for this project because it is not developed yet. Jamie Owen Daniel pointed out that the Institute of Humanity in Stevenson Hall doesn't have accessible classroom. Discussion was held regarding the "beautification of UIC project" which is led by Jane Tompkins with a focus on aesthetics and home-like environment. Joan Schwamlein suggested that the committee show Tomkins the worst areas to address accessibility issue and attend project committee meeting to inform them. Larry suggested inviting Tomkins to our meeting and giving her a time to present their project and providing our opinion on that.

· UIC Accessible Transportation Update
Brief discussion was held regarding the ongoing problems in this area.

In addition to the three priority items, Terri Thrower pointed out that there was an issue of universally accessible instruction design including teaching methods and technology.
Discussion was held regarding a job for consulting and coordinating accessibility for all new construction and renovations in campus whether it should be done by the committee or by an expert who is in full time position. David noted that they would leave priority open for suggestion another week through listserv.

Old Business

· CCSPD-sponsored speaker for the "Disability Studies Lecture Series"
Carol listed possible speakers to invite for the lecture series including disabled poet, Jim Ferris at University of Wisconsin at Madison, Women's Studies scholar, Susan Wendell, and philosopher, Ron Amundson at the University of Hawaii who deals with ethical issues. Jim Ferris was approved unanimously by vote. Additional suggestions for speakers may be sent to the program committee.

David and Larry recommended that the subcommittees submit written reports prior to each meeting for review over the internal listserv.
· Cultural Event/Program Committee Report:
Joann Gras reported coming movie event on November 13 from 5:00-7:00 in IIDD auditorium. King Gimp as a featured film and Dancing From the Inside Out will be shown. We will provide sign language interpretation, real time captioning, audio description, and personal assistance as accommodations. Community advertisement was recommended including Access living, Progress center, Council for disability rights and Mayor's office.
· DSU/Student Update:
Terri Thrower reported that DSU has will be electing a new president and recruiting new members.
· Office of Access and Equity-Campus Issues:
Caryn Bills reported that they made a recommendation to the provost's office to have students with disabilities on the search committee for the UIC Librarian and three names were submitted.
· Meeting Date: Jamie asked to revisit meeting day for next semester due to her teaching schedule.

Adjournment :
Meeting adjourned at 1:30

Next meeting:
December 13, 2002 12-1:30 at IIDD (1640 W. Roosevelt Road), Room 448


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