CCSPD Meeting with Chancellor Gislason and Provost Tanner


Minutes October 10, 2008





Guests: Chancellor Gislason, Provost Tanner, Vice Chancellor Walden

Members: Jerry Lockwood, Scott Friedman, Janis Hayden, Bill Schubert, Darlene Ebel, Mark Goerdert, Ann Barnds, Drew Browning, Sean Plomann (GA), Marsha Cassidy, Peter Berg


Disability Resource Center (DRC)


•  DRC is becoming a model for other countries.

•  Efforts should be made to make the DRC more well-known on campus.

•  We need to be more prepared for vets coming home.


New Website


•  The new website is online.

•  It has forms, an FAQ section, and links.

•  Makes the website more accessible for all.


Making UIC More Welcoming


•  We should make UIC more universally welcoming.

•  Have audio signals at crosswalks.

•  Braille for elevators.

•  Renovations done for Lincoln Hall et al.

•  ACDC Report is online. It's the Access& Equity website for UIC.




•  Get survey results back.

•  Provided by AHEAD.

•  $2000 per member, $3000 per non-member




•  PWD seen as assets.

•  CCSPD& DRC seen as resources for all.

•  Campus includes all.

•  Diversity: search, hiring and retention of faculty and students.

•  UIC needs to be at the forefront of Universal Design& to be a campus that's inviting to everyone.

•  Inclusive to all.

•  Welcoming returning disabled veterans

•  The bar should be raised to become a world renowned for our PhD. Program.

•  Diversity& inclusiveness of even invisible disabilities. Tune in to invisible disabilities (eg., allergies, PTSD)

•  Provost said how inclusion is a process& not something that happens overnight.

•  Follow up to invite Chancellor Gislason, Provost Tanner, and Vice Chancellor Walden for future CCSPD meetings.

•  Programs to promote Deaf Culture and Autism.

•  Pool money with different groups.

•  Create programs which celebrate disability.

•  Disability Celebration Month rather than Disability Awareness Month.


Murderball Movie


•  Players from movie attending, making an appearance.

•  Snacks first, introductions, movie with discussion after.

•  Interpreters provided.

•  Make sure device playing the movie has captioning built in.

•  Four panelists- 3 microphones and 2 handheld microphones.

•  The Provost and the Chancellor are invited to the screening.


Closing Remarks


•  Dr. Walden wants to come back to talk about the Mission Statement& inclusion of disability.

•  Chancellor said that the senior administration is committed to Diversity& making UIC welcoming.

•  New Chancellor is coming January 16, 2009.

•  Dr. Walden is hoping that the Mission Statement will include disability by beginning of the new year.


CCSP Meeting following the meeting with the Chancellor and Provost


•  Bill Schubert voted to approve the minutes from the meeting on Sept. 19, 2008. Marsha Cassidy seconded. Ann Barnds abstained from approving the minutes. Motion was approved.

•  Send a letter to the Provost& the Chancellor thanking them and looking forward to working with them.

•  Create Awareness& broaden that. Linking Diversity& Disability. Raise Consciousness.