Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

Meeting Date: Friday February 19th, 2010 at 1:00pm

Attendance: Janis Hayden, Ryan Parrey, Jerry Lockwood, Ed Garay, Joan
Gras, Lowell M. Seida, Bill Schubert, Drew Browning, Kevin Price, Roxana
Stupp, Patrick Juris, Mark N. Goedert

We welcomed Patrick Juris to our meeting; he is a Junior transfer
student majoring in Sociology. Patrick is in the Sociology club and
this is his second semester here at UIC. We really appreciated his
participation and invited him to return to future meetings.

The minutes for the January 15th meeting were approved with corrections:

3a last bullet, strike last sentence.
3b UCLA should read Provost only, not Chancellor
4b noting the deletion of the phrase "excerpts available online".
Page 3 Barbara Henley spelling correction
Page 4 under ACDC, Pablo Acevado spelling correction

Ahead Survey - A legal issue arose with UIC legal regarding ownership of
the survey results. Additionally Ahead was working under the impression
that not all colleges at UIC were participating in the survey. This
initial impression affects the set of questions to be used in the survey
that we would like to distribute. Ahead would not release the survey
until the legal issue is cleared up. At the time of the meeting it is
uncertain if we will be able to move forward with the survey.

Program Committee - We approved a $2500.00 sponsorship of the Digital
Accessibility Expo (DAE) headed by the Disability Resource Center,
Roxana Stupp and Kevin Price. Discussion ensued regarding space for an
event and Drew brought up that the innovation center has space available
for rent.
Additionally, Red Kite was brought up as a event that we could sponsor
and bring to campus. It was thought that the event could take place in
the DHD auditorium. Motioned to sponsor up to $2000 for the event but
need details on how the funds will be utilized. The motion was

AP Notice Rights - A bit of side discussion occurred regarding the
employee interviews currently occurring on campus. Joann brought up a
question which she was asked if "two finger typing" was required for her
job. In the discussion at the CCSPD there was marked concern that this
phrase is considered discriminatory.

ACDC - We are expecting a visit from Mark Donovan at our next CCSPD
meeting. He requested questions in advance so he could come to the
meeting better prepared. Some of the questions raised are:
- Improving snow removal on campus.
- Review driver training regarding riders that may need the use of lifts
or other assistance.

Specifically, when a lift in a bus does not work, do not ignore a rider
waiting at a bus stop.
- Bus maintenance and lift repair.
- Library elevator and doors.

ACDC and the $68,000.00 bathroom. Peter Berg was misquoted and we noted
that the CCSPD was in support of Dean McBride (sp?) and the new bathroom
in UH. The new bathroom serves all in different capacities and we are
supportive of that.

Web Update - Mark provided an initial sketch of a proposed CCSPD website
update. The sketch reflected the current UIC website design; we are
still waiting on the new UIC main website but it has not been released.
There is a concern that we are running out of time this year to wait any
longer for the new UIC web look and feel. If we wait, there will not be
enough time to improve our existing website by the end of our session in
the early summer.

Photos Needed - It was noted that we need photos of our events to
showcase them on the web. If anyone has photos of any quality we really
need a few to anchor our new design. If you have material to share
please contact Mark Goedert.

Centers for Diversity - We discussed the consolidation of space for the
diversity centers on campus. Discussion touched upon the reasoning that
if the centers were physically closer together they could operate more
New Business

Kenny Fries - Writing workshop around disability and sexuality. The
CCSPD would like to sponsor the event with $500.00 but we need
documentation on exactly how the money will be utilized. We cannot
support the event without knowing what the funds are specifically marked