The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of

Persons with Disabilities

  Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 18, 2008 (1:00-2:30)

DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 448

Chaired by:  Drew Browning




Members Present:  Darlene Ebel, Drew Browning, Ed Garay, Alanna O’Connor, Bill Schubert, Marsha Cassidy, Dariusz Barwacz, Janis Hayden, Ann Barnds, Anne Hopkins (GA)


Members Excused:  Peter Berg, Joy Hammel, Carol Gill, Larry Voss, Sheila Martinotti, Jane K. Burke-Miller, Neil Cummins, Janet Smith, Teresa Sullivan


Guests: Roxana Stupp, Caryn Bills


November minutes and Meeting with the Chancellor minutes approved.


Drew Browning chaired meeting in absence of Carol Gill and Peter Berg.


Program Committee events was focus of meeting


Program Committee Discussion



New Business


Reflections on Meeting with Chancellor