Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

November 20, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Betsy Gates-Ehlers, Robin Hursey, Jerry Lockwood, Drew Browning, Joann Gras, Ryan Parrey, Peter Berg, Janet Smith, Marsha Cassidy, Janis Hayden, Roxanna Stupp, and Mark Goerdert

Members unable to attend: Caryn Bills, Alanna O’Connor, Michelle Bulanda, Ann Barnds, Joy Hammel, Bill Schubert, and Ed Garay

GA: Sean Plomann

Guests: Kevin Shalla, Kevin Price, and Sandra Yu

I.       Approval of October’s minutes

·       1st- Jerry Lockwood

·       2nd- Peter Berg

II.     Approval of November’s agenda

·       1st- Peter Berg

·       2nd- Jerry Lockwood

III.   Old Business

A.    Survey Report Summary

·       Janet and Marsha met with Mary Lelik, Director of Institutional Research. Mary Lelik is also doing a survey from UCLA on diverse learning environments, which will be distributed in late January and expressed interest in collaborating with the CCSPD to develop additional questions.  All sophomores and juniors will be surveyed. The CCSPD has been invited by Mary to contribute language and questions to her survey which need to be submitted by Dec. 1st. She will have a meeting on Dec. 1st where the questions will be presented.

·       Janet is going to create what is needed for the IRB for the AHEAD survey.

·       In the UCLA survey, 12 questions need rewording to include ideas about disabilities. Survey Committee needs to meet to look at the survey and discuss this and possibly provide attitudes toward campus atmosphere for things such accessibility, political affiliation, religion, etc. Marsha is willing to work with the survey committee. Joann and Roxana will look at the survey.

·       Mary understands that the Chancellor and Provost do want disability included on the new initiative on diversity.

B.    Budget Discussion

·       $12,000 will cover everything in the AHEAD Climate survey. No GA will be needed. AHEAD provides one. An outsider is better for the survey’s validity. If there are any problems, there is a number to call for AHEAD.

·       Only advertising will be to UIC Staff& Faculty in an email. Otherwise, there will be no advertising for the survey. It will all be done online.

·       The Chancellor and Provost will provide a cover letter for the AHEAD Climate survey. Department heads will also be asked to send a cover letter to encourage people to fill out the survey. Marsha suggested that the information and link for the survey pop up when a student is trying to access their grades.

·       Joann has said that the money the CCSPD has in the survey fund is $15,912.  The overall budget has been approved by the Chancellor and it is $18,768. Plus there will be another $1,900 left over from the survey.

·       Mark and Ed will work on the technical coordination of the AHEAD Climate survey.

·       The AHEAD Climate survey will be evaluated by Susan Vogel and two other experts. They will do three separate reports as well as one report together on where our weaknesses are and what we can improve upon.

C.    Digital Expo Presentation by DRC Representative

·       The 2nd Digital Expo will take place in the Spring. It will be held at the UIC Forum on April 19, 2010, from 8:30a to 4p.

·       Students, faculty, etc. will be invited to see all the vendors. Assistive technology and web access experts will be there. DRC is trying to improve on last year’s Digital Expo to further technology awareness.

·       A few of the experts attending will be: Sean Henry (eg., www consortium), Christopher Schmidt (eg., CSS Cookbook, web design), and Patty Chang from the National Federation for the Blind. Lastly, there will be keynote speakers, sponsors, and external support from outside of the Digital Expo.

·       The Digital Expo has the endorsement and approval of Provost Tanner and the Vice Provost.

·       The goal of the Digital Expo is to showcase accessible website design. People are not as much interested in accessibility but, rather, what will reduce their costs and have less maintenance. People are interested in what will make their lives easier. It will have 3 keynote speakers and 9 sessions.

·       The three tracks presented will be: the Internet (eg., webmasters around campus), Instructional (eg., Blackboard), and Institutional (eg., UIC). People will be able to ask questions during each presentation.

·       Jerry suggested that there is a break during the Digital Expo so that guests can get something to eat. Or a corporate sponsor or those who are in charge of Blackboard can possibly provide food for guests. There will also be a mid-morning coffee break.

·       Faculty needs to be urged to attend. One person from each department.

·       DRC will try to find funds from outside sources. It will provide ASL interpreters and captioning. Office of Access and Equity (AOE) and the Great Lakes ADA will help sponsor it but CCSPD will be the main sponsor. The CCSPD may be able to provide $4,000 for the event, although it will definitely be able to provide $2,000-$3,000. The CCSPD will need to check its budget before agreeing to this.

·       The corporate vendors will bring examples of how they work with people with disabilities and what technology they have for people with disabilitiesEach vendor will pay $150.

·       CCSPD wants to know what to expect from the Digital Expo and the DRC. The CCSPD and AOE must know what the money will be spent on in order to provide funding for the Digital Expo.

·       The facilities, including personnel, will be $5,600 and food will also be $5,600.

D.   Website Report

·       Some of the discrepancies with the minutes have been cleaned up on the website.

·       The owners of the internal listserv are Peter, Drew, Janis, and Larry Voss. Larry Voss will be taken off the internal listserv. Marsha will be added to the internal listserv. The owners of the external listserv are Drew and Larry Voss. Larry Voss will be taken off the external listserv as well as far as ownership. Janis will be added as owner to the external listserv. Larry Voss will be taken off as an owner to the website too.

·       Mark will be in control overall of the CCSPD website. We will wait to see what will happen with the redesign of the UIC website and possibly design the CCSPD’s website in a similar way. The ACCC may also be asked to help with the website.

·       Drew stated that the CCSPD website should be made accessible in all areas.

E.    Program Committee Report

1.  Terry Galloway event.

·      It was a success. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.

·      The program committee has agreed to pay half of the honorarium for Terry Galloway. Sean has been working with Alyson Patsavas in order to facilitate the funds transfer.

2.  Problem with October 5th technology

·      Joann suggested not using rooms A,B, and C as a venue for future events as there were too many technical problems at the SSB from the Oct. 5th event. Janis also agreed not to use it as a venue.

·      Joann said there was a $100 adjustment because of the difficulties.

F.    ACDC

·       Trying to workout snow removal detail and coordinate efforts with the DRC and Facilities manager. Beth Gutelius works on accessibility issues of UIC’s facilities. She will be working with the Facilities manager if there are any complaints.

·       Drew’s persistent policy procedures are helping as far as accessibility issues. The ACDC is open to the creation of a new policy but that will have to come down from the Chancellor. The policy should be comprehensive from the top down.

·       Efforts should be coordinated between ground’s crew, parking staff, security, facility managers, student patrols, and school’s motorpool. More personnel may be needed such as student workers. People should also be on call when the snow falls.

·       Beth and Jerry will work on the policy itself. There will be an ACDC meeting on December 10th to discuss these things.

·       A checklist should be developed and made available on the CCSPD website on what should be done for snow removal. Another checklist should be made available on areas which should be focused on for snow removal.

G.   Outreach Task Force

1.    Alanna and Robin will report at the next meeting after they have had a chance to email each other.

2.    Marsha at Graduate Student Council on Tuesday

·       Marsha spoke at the Diversity Forum where there were 86 graduate students from around the campus.

H.   Survey Committee Report

·       Members of the CCSPD Survey committee (Janet, Janice and Roxana) met via telephone with Stephan from Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) on November 16th. The purpose of this call was to understand better the relationship and process for administering the survey. AHEAD website lists specific things are expected of us as the contracting entity.

·       It would help to have someone from the IT department. For that, Mark said his committee would help.

·       AHEAD’s ACCESS survey- Steven Hamlin Smith heads it. The ACCESS survey was used by 10-14 colleges and universities. It includes four different surveys which are: 1) for students who are disabled; 2) for students who are nondisabled; 3) faculty; 4) staff.

·       Janis and Janet had a conference call with the executive head of AHEAD, Steven Hamlin Smith, so he could understand the CCSPD’s concerns. He recommended the “Inclusive Package” is probably the best way to go primarily because those who have used it in the past have been satisfied with it.

·       The “Inclusive Package” includes four reports: 1) Quantitative analysis; 2) Qualitative analysis; 3) Analysis of all of the data from both the qualitative and quantitative analyses; 4) Assessment Report which includes an anonymous analysis of respondents to the survey. These include not just data analysis but also external evaluations of the campus climate in regards to disability.

·       A way to motivate people is to have a link which leads to the university site, so the respondent can be entered into a raffle in order to win something.

·       It is best not only to say how important the survey is but also to understand what the survey is about. It is also undecided whether it should be asked on the survey what type of disability the participant has.

·       It would be best to sample as many people as possible at UIC (eg., students, faculty, staff, etc.) The sample of respondents is supposed to be representative of the total population. The names of the respondents will be omitted and assigned a number in order to provide some kind of identification.

·       In the cover letter for the survey, it will explain why the survey is important and why respondents are needed. It will say that there will not be an assessment but to determine if there is a need for further work at UIC as far as disability is concerned and what that need is.

·       The initial goal for the CCSPD for the survey was to identify the number of students who have not disclosed their disability. It can be extrapolated, or estimated, from the group of respondents who are nondisabled what students are disabled. There will be a question to find out if the respondents have any diagnosed and documented disability.

·       The survey committee will also be in communication with the rest of the CCSPD about the survey via email.

·       Suggested launch date is February 1, 2010, and will be available for up to five weeks.

·       Vote for the survey to be launched in February: 1st- Ryan, 2nd- Joann. There was also a unanimous vote in favor of the survey being launched.  Followed by applause!