The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of
Persons with Disabilities
Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 19, 2008 (1:00-2:30)
DHSP Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 448
Chaired by: Peter Berg and Carol Gill

Members Present:
Dariusz Barwacz
Drew Browning
Larry Voss
Bill Shubert
Anne Hopkins
Marsha Cassidy
Janet Smith
Peter Berg
Ann Barnds
Darlene Ebel
Ed Garay
Teresa Sullivan
Janis Hayden

Excused Members:
Sheilia G Martinotti
Alanna OÕConnor
Jane K. Burke-Miller

Ed Brown
Eric Swirsky
George Terzakis

Agenda approved


Agreed to not having meetings on holidays, but will continue to meet from 1-2:30pm on the third friday of every month unless conflict.

Discussion of annual meeting with provost and chancellor
Dates of possible meeting times will be sent out to members
Meeting only open to members and used as that monthÕs CCSPD meeting
1 hour given for meeting
Need to address high priority issues
The OAE hasnÕt made commitment report
Commitment statement should be an administrative duty and not pushed off on resources such as the DRC
Discuss UICÕs commitment to universal design
How do we move forward with the ChancellorÕs office now that Manning will bE leaving in December
Need to have someone in the search process for new chancellor
Marsha will find out what the process is of choosing a new chancellor
Find out what the chancellorÕs real level of commitment is- does it stop at the law?

Discussion about small building committee
Renovating Lincoln Hall - 40 min dollar project
Changed the term universal to sustainable - actions donÕt hold true to universityÕs commitment to universal design
The 3rd floor will not be made accessible - would cost too much to put in an elevator
Making 3rd floor accessible would be making the campus sustainable because the population of people with disabilities is growing
Need to be involved in planning before the job is funded
Users need to be involved earlier in architecture projects on campus
Project managers should be instructed on access issues so that architects are educated
Universal design is top priority

Executive committee voted on
Janis will be staff member
Martha will be faculty member

Subcommittees discussed
Survey committee is closed to new members - too far along in process at this stage to accept new members
All other committees are open
Email Annie with what committee you want to join
All members must be on a committee

Discussed developing private folder for members to log into

Survey Committee
A lot of talent present in committee
Will possibly be purchasing survey from AHEAD to use (staff, faculty, students)
Diversity committee believes survey will help guide university and help drc
Ajournment- 2:40