With support from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, UIC is developing the Biobehavioral Effects of Disturbed Sleep (BEDS) research consortium to blend the languages, concepts, methods and models of many traditional disciplines, focusing them on research into the connections between poor sleep and impaired biobehavioral and social function in health and disease. We hope to truly transform the research paradigm and accelerate discovery into the links between sleep and daytime function.   Read More.


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•  NIH selects UIC to receive one of three awards Nationally -- Creates BEDS Consortium

•  BEDS Consortium kicks off with overnight retreat

•  Expanded Sleep Research Forum launched

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•  March 5: Sleep Disorders in Chronic Illness - One Size Does Not Fit All. Kathy Parker, University of Rochester

•  March 12Symptom Cluster Analysis, UIC College of Nursing

•  March 19: Interactions between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes, Naresh Punjabi, Johns Hopkins University

•  March 22: Sleep Disordered Breathing and Cardiovascular Disease, Virend Somers, Mayo Clinic

•  April 2: Biological Applications of Machine Learning, Tanya Berger-Wolf, UIC College of Engineering

•  April 9: Role of the RVLM in the Genesis of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Chrystelle Sirieix, University of Michigan

•  April 23: Sleep Genetics and Genomics, Allan Pack, University of Pennsylvania