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Role Plays: Sexual and Guilt Themes

Lesbian woman who is finally in a relationship in which all her needs are being met and she is finally getting what she wants. This new situation is making her very uncomfortable and she is aware that she is doing things to sabotage this "longed for" relationship.

Married woman discovers that she is pregnant. She knows that this child was not conceived with her husband since they have not had a sexual relationship in years. When her husband finds out, he will know that she has been having an affair and probably insist on a divorce. She doesn't want that but she is morally opposed to an abortion.

A young priest is very attracted to one of his parishioners. He is very tempted to act on his feelings but is frightened by the guilt that might evoke.

A nun who teaches high school finds herself attracted to one of the seniors in her class. She calls because today she found herself putting her hands on the boy shoulders and becoming very aroused. Her whole vocation as a religious is called into question.

Joe, the mechanic, whose girlfriend is pregnant and refuses to follow Joe's order to have an a abortion. He is crude, coarse, and uses foul language. He does not respect or understand women and sees his girlfriend's refusal to follow his orders as an assault on his manhood. If the word gets out, he'll be the laughing stock of his neighborhood. Joe is easy to dislike and it's also easy to miss what his problem is.

18 year old girl whose been the victim of a recent incestuous assault by her father begins to feel the situation intolerable. She doubts whether her mother would believe her if she told her the truth. She is having trouble sleeping, is losing weight, and her school work has been on the down slide. Calling a hotline is a desperate attempt to reach for help. She feels helpless and powerless and doesn't know what to do.

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