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Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion

A USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program
providing high quality nutrition education, health promotion and disease prevention services
through partnerships directed at eligible families in Chicago

Integrated Health Care At Thresholds - North

Integrated Health Care At Thresholds provides health care to low income members with mental illness to dramatically improve their health. This health care model focuses on educating members to encourage and promote new pattern of behavior for their optimum wellness.

CPHP provides on going monthly nutrition education program every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1-2pm. Subjects for the members include:

1. Healthy eating with Food Guide Pyramid
2. Food Safety & Hand Washing
3. Types of Fat
4. Fruits & Vegetables and Increasing Fiber
5. Calcium For Your Health
6. Physical Activity
7. Cooking Demo
8. Easy Healthy Snacks
9. Portion Sizes
10. Stretching Your Food Dollars
11. Reading Nutrition Facts Labels
12. Eating out: Smart Menu Choices

Integrated Health Care at Threholds

Thresholds – North

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