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Women Employed: Women Employed(WE) was first organized in 1973 to provide a voice for Chicago's working women. A key founder came from the CWLU. Focused on the enforcement of fair employment laws, it is still in existence.

Rising Up Angry: Organizing in the white working class neighborhoods of Northside Chicago, Rising Up Angry (RUA) worked on a variety of community action issues while trying to raise people's understanding about racism, sexism and imperialism. RUA worked closely with CWLU to open up the Chicago Park District to women's sports.

National Organization for Women: The National Organization for Women (NOW) was organized in 1966 and is today the largest feminist group in the nation. The CWLU worked with Chicago NOW on several projects including defense of the Abortion 7, the City Hall janitresses' campaign, and an economic justice march in 1974.

Operation PUSH: Operation Push (Now called Rainbow/PUSH) was first organized by Jesse Jackson in 1969 to work on issues of poverty and racism. The CWLU worked with Operation PUSH on the City Hall janitresses's campaign as well as on the defense of Jo Anne Little. Jo Anne Little was a black woman who killed a jail guard in self defense when he tried to rape her.

Coalition of Labor Union Women: Better known as CLUW, the Coalition of Labor Union Women worked to end discrimination in the workplace and in its parent body, the AFL-CIO. Members of the workgroup DARE were present at CLUW's founding in 1974 and were active in the Chicago chapter's activities.

YWCA Founded in 1876, the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is probably best known for its sports and youth programs. Yet it has also been a strong feminist voice against gender and racial discrimination. The YWCA worked with the CWLU on the City Hall janitresses campaign and opened its doors to CWLU sponsored activities.

Mountain Moving Coffeehouse Mountain Moving Coffeehouse is the oldest continuously running womyn's coffeehouse in the United States, founded in 1975.The Graphics Collective did a poster for them in the early days.


Mujeres Latinas en Accion: This long established Chicago organization is a bilingual/bicultural agency which seeks to empower women, their families and youth. Mujeres Latinas offers counseling, leadership development and advocacy for program participants. Mujeres Latinas worked with the CWLU to form the Committee to End Sterilization Abuse.

National Black Feminist Organization: The National Black Feminist Organization(NBFO) was founded in 1973 to address the unique needs of Black women. The CWLU worked with the NBFO on International Women's Day forums. Although no longer in existence, you may follow the link to a historical reflection about Black feminism which has some references to the group.

Kartemquin Films: Kartemquin Films has been making high quality documentary films since 1966. They collaborated closely with the CWLU to make films about the Chicago Maternity Center and the Women's Graphics Collective. Several CWLU members worked at Kartemquin. Kartemquin is probably best known for the award winning Hoop Dreams and Viet Nam: A Long Time Coming.

Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee:The Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee (PRSC) worked in support of Puerto Rican independence and to raise awareness of Puerto Rican issues . The PRSC worked with the CWLU to organize the Committee to End Sterilization Abuse.

League Of Women Voters One of the oldest women's political groups in the nation, the League of Women Voters was organized in 1920 by members of the Women's Suffrage Movement. The League worked with the CWLU on the City Hall janitress campaign against pay discrimination.

Salsedo Press Salsedo Press has long been a communications mainstay of progressive Chicago. Saledo printed some of the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective posters and CWLU members could be found among its staff.

Midwest Academy The Midwest Academy has been training community organizers since the 1960's. A key founder came from the CWLU.