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This section of the on-line archive contains articles and documents related to lesbian motherhood, childcare issues/programs, communal living and more.

And Jill Came Tumbling After from Womankind (1971). Raising children in a sexist society is a challenge as this first person account reveals.

Using Your Maiden Name by Diane and Linda from Womankind (1971). Explains the everyday legal and financial hassles faced by women who chose to use their own names.

Action Committee on Decent Childcare author(s) unknown(1972). A description of the CWLU's childcare group and its battles with the Chicago city administration.

Family Relations Court by Alice (1972). A description of Chicago's Family Relations Court and how women fare in its proceedings from Womankind.

CWLU Legal Clinic (1972). The CWLU established a Legal Clinic to help women face the sexist complexities of our justice system.

Lesbian Mothers and Their Children from Womankind (1972). All parents face challenges in raising children, but lesbian parents have their own special complications to contend with.

So Who Needs Daycare? by Mary M. from Womankind (1973).The struggle to establish decent affordable childcare is outlined in this article by a feminist mother.

Mom on a Hook from Womankind (1973). Society places unfair burdens on mothers and then blames them when their children don't "measure up".

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