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Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement-
(June, 1968) 8 pages total

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Dear John.
I've always been a good provider. We have a lovely home in the suburbs and my wife has an unlimited charge account at Marshal Field's. I've always encouraged her to take night courses in art history and French cooking, so you can see I'm in favor of improving her mind.
She joined the League of Women Voters and I nodded my approval. She even started picketing with Women for Peace and I said yes. I agreed that it was good for women to question their government as long as dinner was on time and my shirts were ironed, However, now she's gone too far. She talked to this radical who convinced her that she ought to define herself, and some nonsense about liberating herself.
Now I believe in humoring women, but I'm sick of TV dinners and wrinkled collars. Can I convince her true happiness is found in a well-done cheese souffle?
                                      Larry Liberal
Dear L. L.,
Your wife has obviously lost confidence in your manhood since she seeks fulfillment elsewhere. You must try to convince her that it is exciting to be part of your world-- have you tried MAN TAN
Dear John,
I used to be a movement bureaucrat and do city wide co-ordinating. My chick was always with me and a great help since I don't type, and she was much better on the phone asking for money and favors. Then I decided that in order to be more effective I should broaden my experience, I decided to organize a working class neighborhood. Fortunately, my chick had no political disagreement with me so she came along, For a while we we doing great. My chick would go into a local bar and start up conversations with some of the guys. Then I would come in shortly



after and join in, talking political stuff.
But lately, my chick has started hanging around grocery stores. If she does come into a bar, she just talks to the women and doesn't help me get to know the guys. Now that's the important issue, the way she is messing up our organizing. But also she 's talking about women's liberation stuff and refuses to cook all the time (although she the better cook) and insists I learn to type.
How can I get her back to using her best talents in everyday tasks and being a good organizer ?

Dear Disorganized,
Perhaps you could analyze women 's liberation as counter-revolutionary and re-enlist her support If you do come up with such an analysis, please send me a copy as I have many readers with similar problems.

Dear John
last night these beautiful people came over and we all got stoned out of our minds.. grooving this way out music and I was lying on my chick s lap touching her body- this guy Ethan and I were grooving each other's minds like we were really on the same wave length CAN YOU DIG IT ?, . . And suddenly this freakout started to happen my chick started to rap and wouldn't stop. . . . I don't even know what she was saying man all I know -is here was my chick rapping man and she sat up and like she wasn 't my chick anymore. . like she was far away. ....,like she was tuned in to herself more than to me. . like man I groove on independent chicks and all but . . like I'm her man and it was really nice lying on her lap. . so we had this fight, and she called me an m. c. give me some words man.. . I'm up tight
                                          Freaked Out
Dear Freaked,
I hear that drugs are liable to cause very unusual occurences. Women sometimes get upset by some little thing that happens around the house. Perhaps the rapping your chick did was a way of getting your attention because she feels insecure. Tell her you think she 's great and she'll probably be o. k.
                           John Magnus FaIllus

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