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Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement-
(June, 1968) 8 pages total

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A Position Paper on Radical Women in the Professions, or, Up from Ridicule/ Marlene Dixon

Towards a Radical Women 's Movement/ Marilyn Salzman Webb

Women in the Radical Movement: A Reply to Ramparts/ Evelyn Goldfield with Heather Booth and Sue Munaker

The Look is You- Towards a Strategy for Radical Women/ Naomi Jaffe & Bernadine Dohrn

Some aspects of the Situation of South Vietnam 's Women & Children Under the U.S. Puppet Regime/ a document of the South Vietnam Women's Liberation Union

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COFFEE HOUSES (cont. from p. 2)

hand is whether women should participate in a program which comes fully garnished with these attitudes.
One of the Chicago women's groups spent some time considering this project. At first, our attitude toward the coffee houses was mostly violent opposition. We sent a few women in the group to visit the coffee house in Waynesville, Missouri. What they discovered was encouraging. Women working in the coffee house were able to relate to G. I- 's on many levels, their roles were not strictly defined, and they shared equally with men in running the coffee house, The chauvinism and oppression they met came from individuals and was not built into the institution itself.
These impressions caused us to conclude that the coffee house project could be nonoppressive to women provided that co-ed staffs were maintained and women participated fully in all decision making, We are not ignoring the fact that we have been treated as objects in the planning of this project. What we had to be certain about was that the movement's chauvinism was not being institutionalized into a summer project, Fortunately, this does not seem to be happening.
What this project shows is that the movement remains as chauvinist as any other part of society. Its commitment to fight oppression does not extend to fighting oppression of women in fact, the movement is more than willing to oppress, use and manipulate women as it chooses. We learn again that women will never be free, respected human beings until there is a strong women 's movement which defines and demands the rights of women both in the movement and the society at large.

CUBA (cont. from p. 3)
independent, aggressive), men will find it less difficult to accept women as partners. Fortunately, there is so much that needs to De done that women can lead full lives now and needn't wait for men to accept them.

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