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Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement-
(January, 1969) 12 pages total

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Up From Ridicule: A Position Paper
On Radical Women/ Marlene Dixon
Towards a Radical Women's Movement/
Marilyn Webb
Women in the Radical Movement: A Reply to Ramparts/ Evelyn Goldfield, Heather Booth, Sue Munaker
The Look is You: Towards a Strategy
for Radical Women/Naomi Jaffe and Bernadine Dohrn
A Call for Women"s Liberation/
Sue Munaker
Women: An Essential Force for Change/
Sue Munaker
The Sexual Caste System: On Passing
Two whores and a nun/Heather Dean



Sisters, Brothers, Lovers...Listen/Judi
Bernstein Peggy Morton, Linda
Seese. Myrna Wood
An Introduction to the Boston Regional Meeting/
Nancy Hawley
Excerpts from an Interview with
Pam Allen and Julius Lester
Some Proposals for Radical women/
Sue Cloke (free)

Towards a Female Liberation Movement/'
Beverly Jones and Judith Brown (50 cents)
Kinder, Kuche, Kirche,as scientific law:
Psychology constructs the female/
Naomi Weisstein-,.(35 cents)

The Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement is a national newsletter printed as often as time and money permit. Subscriptions are $3.00 per year. Bulk rates are available to women's liberation groups. Permission is granted to reprint any of the maerial provided all credit is given to source and author and at least four copies are sent to VWLM. Unsolicited articles, news, drawings, stories, letters, jokes and cartoons are warmly received.


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