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Sisterhood is BloomingChicago Women's Graphics Collective

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective was organized in 1970 to create posters for the growing women's liberation movement.
The Women's Graphics Collective used silkscreen to create large brilliantly colored prints in large quantities on a low budget. Later the group used offset printing for the more popular posters.
The founders of the Graphics Collective wanted their new feminist art to be a collective process in order to set it apart from the male-dominated Western art culture. Each poster was created by a committee of 2 to 4 women led by the artist/designer.
Thousands of posters were sold all over the world until the Graphics Collective dissolved in 1983.

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Chicago Tribune Article on the Graphics Collective (1973)

Chicago Today Article on the Graphics Collective (1973)

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective: An Introduction by Stacy S. (a selection from her 1995 BA thesis done at Northwestern University)

Group Photo (1972)

Group Photo (1974)

Group Photo (sometime after 1975)

Graphic by the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective

Woman symbol

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