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Activist Links

Women have always been in the forefront of social change although their contributions have often been undervalued. Browse these sites and learn how you can change the world.

We welcome suggestions of activist sites to link to. The Internet is always changing, so we would also appreciate reports of sites that have moved or simply ceased to exist.

The Feminist Majority Foundation On-Line- A large well organized site with a lot to explore. It has one of the best collections of feminist links on the web.

Sisterhood is Global -Dedicated to international feminism.

WomensNet - A project of the Institute for Global Education, their focus is on global women's issues.

Feminist Studies in Political Economy- An evolving project of Leeah Shafford and Kendra Morris, two Evergreen College students in Olympia, Washington, this site has some excellent links to resources.

The 3rd WWWave - Individuals from a new generation of feminists speak out in clear articulate voices. Good antidote for people who say feminism is "dead". Has some frank but friendly words directed at Second Wave feminists.

Beyond Media - Media education and production for under-served and under-represented women, youth, and communities.

The Third Wave Foundation - A source of grant money for cool projects done by 15-30 year old women social activists.

Women's ENews - The latest feminist scoop on the news of the day from the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan- Meet the feminists who worked underground in Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

Feminism and Women's Resources - A collection of feminist links from Canada.

Feminism Resources - A collection of feminist and anti-feminist resources.

National Council of Negro Women - Founded by Mary McLeod Bethune, the NCNW is an influential voice for African American women.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force -Gay and lesbian political news with a focus on lobbying and legal issues. Has a searchable database of state legislative activity.

Women's Issues- A well organized and diverse site of resources organized by Karen Gould.

Court Decisions on Abortion- If you are doing research on the legal issues surrounding reproductive choice, this is a good place to start.

CROW- A feminist online magazine from Croatia with thoughtful articles representing diverse points of view. A good way to catch up on what our European sisters are up to. - A large search directory of feminism on the Web. A portal site for all kinds of lesbian related links and info. Has an excellent activism section.

National Organization for Women - The longtime leader of reform feminism, NOW has a large site devoted to the diverse issues facing women today.

Illinois pro-Choice - Our state's guide to reproductive rights activism and services.

Women's International Net Magazine (WIN)- A fine source for global feminist news, creative writing and opinion. Updated monthly.

Paula Kamen - A site promoting Paula's new book, Her Way, Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution. Paula wrote a very moving play about Jane, the CWLU's abortion service. The site has reviews, interviews, and a schedule of Paula's public appearances.

Feminist Utopia - A highly personal site maintained by Colleen McEneany with news, opinions, reviews, art and links to other feminist sites.

Girls Inc. - A highly regarded social service and social action organization for girls and young women. Check out their Girl's Bill of Rights. - A general search directory for women with a good section on feminism.

Keeping Women in Print - Feminist bookstores and publishers are always vulnerable in our mass market corporate culture. This site provides information on how to keep them off the endangered species list.

Making Face, Making Soul - An excellent homepage for chicana feminists with links to other resources.

Hitting is not OK - An innovative approach to domestic violence.

Out of the Cave - A critical look at the "Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus" pop psychology phenomena by Kathleen Trigiani.