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Cultural Links

Art, theater, film, music and writing has traditionally been an important part of the feminist movement, although often kept hidden from the mainstream.
We welcome suggestions of cultural sites to link to. The Internet is always changing, so we would also appreciate reports of sites that have moved or simply ceased to exist.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics- An LA based treasure trove of movement posters with an excellent online gallery. A number of Chicago Women's Graphics Collective posters are archived at the Center.

The Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections- One of the Northwestern University libraries, it has a collection of original Chicago Women's Graphics Collective posters as well paper documents from various CWLU health projects.

Library of Congress Prints and Photograph Division-Within the Yanker Poster Collection housed at America's national library are 15 Chicago Women's Graphics Collective posters which may be viewed online.

Feminist Buttons from the Netherlands- The site is in Dutch. Scroll down to "Buttons in het beeldarchief" and use that link to see the buttons. Explore the other links too. They have photos, posters, postage stamps and other feminist memorabilia.

Women's WORLD- The Women's World Organization for Rights, Literature, and Development, or Women's WORLD is dedicated to battling the censorship of women writers everywhere. The president, Meredith Tax, is a former CWLUer. Meredith's own books are available through our Feminist Marketplace.

Melina Rodrigo- Melina is a NY graphic artist whose work addresses racism and gender oppression in our society. Her art is powerful and direct.

Sun Flower, the Life and Loves of Elizabeth Cady Stanton- The site for Elizabeth Perry's play about our celebrated foremother.

Breaking Down the Walls of Silence- Multimedia programs by Nancy Hulse that deal with domestic violence, rape and women's issues. Nancy has toured widely on the college circuit to excellent reviews.

Goldenrod Music- Goldenrod has been a women owned and operated music company for over 28 years. Goldenrod started off as a small distribution company that was operated out of the owner's basement. It now flourishes into a rock'n company that distributes artists like Ani Difranco, Holly Near, and Melissa Ferrick to name a few.

Artists Helping Children- A non-profit charity dedicated to bringing comfort to children in hospitals, clinics, and shelters by brightening their environment with murals and other art..

The Mountain Moving Day Coffeehouse- Chicago's Mountain Moving Coffeehouse is the oldest continuously running womyn's coffeehouse in the United States, founded in 1975.

Docs Populi: documents for the public- A growing online archive devoted mainly to political posters including some rare Cuban women's posters. Has valuable technical information about how to put posters online and organize databases of historical documents.

Concentric Media - An independent video production company which has made a number of fine documentaries about abortion. Their film "From Danger to Dignity" features former Abortion Counseling Service leaders Jody Parsons and Ruth Surgal.

Women Make Movies- An online catalog of nearly 500 films made by women, many difficult to find anywhere else. They distribute the documentary about the Abortion Counseling Service, "Jane: An Abortion Service" by Nell Lundy and Kate Kirtz.

The Cinema Guild- An independent film and video distributor with a good selection of films about women. Has a strong international focus.

Sunny Chapman- An independent filmmaker who has made two documentaries about anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers.

Word Power- A very comprehensive independent radical bookseller based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Shire Films - Producer of "Rebels With a Cause" the documentary film history of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Vivian Rothstein, a founding member of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union, is among those former SDS members featured.

Cookie Cutter Girl - Feminist music from the heart of Maine that breaks the mold.

Woman Made Gallery-< Chicago's premier space for women artists. Includes an online preview of current exhibitions.

Akram Monfared Arya- Now a well known poet in Sweden, Akram Monfared Arya was one of the first women in Iran to earn a pilot's license. She is active in Sweden's Social Democatic Party as an advocate for immigrants.

S.L. Weisenberg- The website of one of Chicago's finest local feminist writers. Visit her site for info on her books as well how to contact her for lectures and writing assignments.

Cybelle -A feminist clothing company who sells artistic T-shirts online. Their site uses some very tasteful Flash animation, so make sure you download the flash plug-in from Macromedia

Women's Theater -Has listings of women's theater groups and resources about women's theater. Includes a capsule history of feminist theater in the USA.

Mary Ellen Croteau Online Gallery -Mary Ellen's powerful woman centered works have appeared in galleries and exhibitions across the country. She is an active member of the Herstory Project.

phpGirl - Her motto: Girls code it better. A good resource for people who want to use phpWebsite to create their own webpages. We use phpWebsite to power the Feminist Salon.

Guerrilla Girls - A troupe of outrageous ladies in gorilla masks who mock the pretensions of our sexist culture. Has an online store of Guerrilla Girl goods and contact info for arranging a Guerrilla Girl invasion of your town.

Ladyslipper Music - A nonprofit organization devoted to women's music. Has a large online catalog, online ordering and opportunities to listen to clips online.

National Women's Music Festival- This year's annual gathering of women's music is scheduled for Muncie, Indiana from June 7-9.

Kristin Lems - Kristin was one of the original organizers of the National Women's Music Festival. Her music is joyous, upbeat and very feminist. You may listen to clips or purchase her CD's at her site. Kristin is a member of the Herstory Project.

Susan Abod - Find out about Susan's new music CD and her documentary film projects. Susan was the lead singer of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band and is a Herstory Project member. And yes, she is Jennifer Abod's sister (See below).

Jennifer Abod - Jennifer is a radio and video producer who did a wonderful video about Audre Lord, the late feminist writer. Jennifer was in the New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band, sister band of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band. And yes, she is Susan Abod's sister ( See above).

Mr. Lady Records and Videos -A good source for music by women rebels including Kathleen Hanna, founder of Bikini Kill and now with Le Tigre.

Trina Robbins. Com -Trina is a talented feminist comic book artist and comics historian who has been fighting the good fight for women cartoonists for over 30 years.

Women Cartoonists' Index -A good resource for finding women cartoonists online. Their motto is,"We can draw it!" A project of the National Cartoonists Society.

Carol Simpson Labor Cartoons -Wickedly subversive cartoons that seek to embarrass CEO's and politicians everywhere. Many have a distinctly feminist bent. Artist Estelle Carol was a founder of the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective.