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Historical Links

Women's history has traditionally been a hidden history. Please browse the links below to help bring that history out of hiding.

We welcome suggestions of historical sites to link to. The Internet is always changing, so we would also appreciate reports of sites that have moved or simply ceased to exist.

The Veteran Feminists of America-This organization is dedicated to preserving the history of "Second Wave Feminism". They are currently working on a directory of activist women from 1963-1973. Visit their site and fill out their e-mail form if you wish to be included.

Midwest Veteran Feminists of America- The branch of the VFA that is organizing in the central region of the USA.

Women's History - This site managed by Jone Johnson Lewis is one of the best examples of women's history on the web. Includes a number of links to women's liberation sources, including some about the CWLU.

Susan - The home page of the well known feminist author. She has a new history of radical feminism entitled In Our Time: Memoirs of a Revolution.

The HistoryMakers -A site produced by Chicago's Julieanna Richardson, it focuses on African American history. Julienna has vision and commitment and we look forward to watching her site grow.

The Feminist Chronicles- A timeline history of feminism from 1953-1993.

The History of Miss America- A site to accompany the PBS documentary history of the infamous Miss America Pageant.

Women's Stories- A unique resource with literally hundreds of stories about famous women. Has a searchable database. Lots of cool anecdotes and quotes.

Redstockings- An online bibliography of second wave feminist classics. You may order the materials online and receive them in print or photocopied format.

The Women of the West Museum- A very tastefully designed site focusing on women in the American West. Highly recommended.

Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography - An extensive collection of oral history testimonies from Civil Rights volunteers in Mississippi. CWLU founding member Heather Booth is among those included.

American Women's History Webography - An online bibiliography of selected links that traces American women's history back to colonial times. The project of two enterprising Northwestern University students.

Women in American History- A rich collection of text, photos and multimedia, this section of the Britannica website is well worth a visit.

H-Women Discussion Network- A member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine, this site has numerous web links plus an email discussion group.

American Women's History: A Research Guide- A good introduction from Middle Tennessee State University with bibliographies, links to online resources and helpful suggestions.

Women's History Network- A site based in the UK for promoting women's history there. Includes membership information, an extensive bibiliography and links useful to those doing UK women's history .

National Women's History Project- Works to promote women's history through its website and research resources. Especially good for obtaining Women's History Month materials and ideas.

The Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections- One of the Northwestern University libraries, it has a collection of Graphics Collective posters as well paper documents from various CWLU health projects.

History of Second Wave Feminism - A collection of links and bibliographical references for the history of feminism from 1945.

The National Civil Rights Museum - A number of early women's liberation organizers came out of the civil rights movement. This site has useful resources, but requires patience as it loads very slowly.

The Women's Rights National Historic Park -A National Park Service site that commemorates the 1848 Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention. Has a copy of the historic manifesto issued by the participants.

American Women's History: A Research Guide - Extensive collection of resources and links aimed at serious academic researchers.

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement- A small on-line collection of original feminist writings from the 1960's and 1970's. Includes one document from the CWLU, "Socialist Feminism: A Strategy for the Women's Movement."

1970's Lesbian Feminism - Includes history, analysis, and excellent bibliographies.

The International Institute of Social History - Based in Amsterdam, the IISH is a vast online library of resources. The women's history section is arranged by topic and is especially varied.

The Anti-War Movement -The women's liberation movement universally opposed the war in Southeast Asia and many feminists were introduced to political activism through this struggle.

Voice of the Shuttle - A list of links and resources about feminism and gender issues. Weighted toward academic resources.

The Sixties Project - Contains memoirs, articles and even a button collection. Useful for putting the women's liberation movement into historical context.

The Free Speech Movement (FSM) Archive - Contains memoirs, articles and documents from this key 1964 Berkeley student strike. Herstory Project contributor Jo Freeman and CWLU founding member Vivian Rothstein were active in the FSM.

The Women's Liberation Movement - Features historical analysis and links to documents, articles and other original source material.

Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive- An electic collection of online historical resources with a strong set of women's history links.