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The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band recorded a vinyl album for Rounder Records in 1972. The Herstory Project has converted this vinyl LP to audio CD format with the help of former band member Naomi Weisstein.

The sound quality is very good, but these CD's are made to order on our studio CD recorder and are NOT commercially manufactured. Rounder Records has announced a reissue of this classic album and we await its release.

You may also order the new CD "In the Moment" by former Rock Band lead singer Susan Abod. Susan describes this project as the realization of a dream she has had since she was a little girl. We own it and it is marvelous.

We are also featuring the music of Kristin Lems. She played at our October 2000 CWLU Herstory Project fundraising party. Kristin was a feminist music pioneer and one of the principle organizers of the first National Women's Music Festival in 1974.

Order the Rock Band Audio CD from our new online catalog. You may pay by check or credit card.

Order the feminist music of Kristin Lems Kristin's music may be ordered online at her website.

Order Susan Abod's new CD "In the Moment" Susan was the lead singer of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band. Her singing is better than ever in this very sensual jazzy collection. Samples of her music are available through this link.

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