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Sisterhood poster The Women's Graphics Collective posters are back! The popular women's liberation posters are now available again .

You may go directly to our online catalog with a handy electronic shopping cart or download an Adobe Acrobat file below to send in by postal mail.

Plus, we have second-wave feminist button reproductions
(1.5 inch - $1) and the Mountain Moving Day Rock Band album (CD, $16).

Download the order form (Acrobat PDF file) for complete details. View all available posters in a second browser window. Print your own poster display sheet (Acrobat PDF file). View larger versions of the posters in our main poster gallery.

You may download the free Acrobat Reader HERE.

By ordering you help us build the site. Collecting and organizing the documents, memoirs, posters, audio tapes, video clips etc. and then translating them into web format is an enormous undertaking.

This fundraising campaign is our sole financial support. We are an all-volunteer project working out of our homes. Busy people with work, school and family responsibilities have put in thousands of work-hours and made small financial contributions to keep us going this far. After 5 years of work we expected to have grants, but these have not materialized, despite the usage our site receives. Read more about our work.

The success of the fundraising campaign depends on you. Please send the information by email or postal mail to feminists in your network. It's best to include a personal note. Become a supporting member and get poster items as premiums. However you don't have to be a member to place orders.

If you use the downloadable Acrobat file you may pay by check or money order. Please print our order form (Adobe Acrobat format)Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Your options are:

  1. Mail the form with your check to CWLU Herstory Project, PO Box 611, Oak Park, IL 60303-0611 and we will ship your premiums.
  2. Or you may choose to drop off your check and pick up your items from us in Oak Park IL.

For more information, contact Estelle Carol at

Phone: 708-386-7197.
Fax: 708-386-1040
Postal address: CWLU Herstory Project,
PO Box 611, Oak Park, IL 0303-0611

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