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Susan Abod Biography by Susan Abod (2003)

I was a member of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band. In late 70's I performed, toured and recorded with Casse Culver and Willie Tyson. In the early 80's I moved to Cambridge, MA. Performed my own music in the area for several years, went on a solo tour of Europe singing in women's coffee houses, shelters, lefty bookstores and taught voice lessons. In 1985 I became disabled.

I produced a video in 1995 called "Funny, You Don't Look Sick" that premiered at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It's a 60 minute video about my experience living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chemical Sensitivities.

I finally recorded a CD of my own music. For information about the video or CD you may visit www.susanabod.com.

Susan may be reached at snabod@rcn.com or at or PO Box 851 Watertown MA 02472.