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Sarah Bornstein Biography by Sarah Bornstein (2000)

In the 23 years since the end CWLU, Sarah Bornstein has been continually involved with women's issues and women,s organizations. In her work for-pay, Sarah is Administrative Director for the Junior League of Chicago, a omens organization dedicated to community service through trained volunteers. The Leagues current focus is empowering at-risk families, especially women and girls, through education, mentoring and advocacy.

In her volunteer work, Sarah has been Chair of Health Evaluation and Referral Service, one of the CWLU groups that outlived the Union; and Chair of the Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health, whose Executive Director is Jenny Knauss, a long-time CWLU member. She currently serves as Chair of Women Employed, an organization committed to omens economic advancement that was founded by CWLU member Day Creamer Piercy. She is also a member of the Omens Advisory Council of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations and serves on the working group for balancing work and family that is part of the Governors Commission on the Status of Women. In 1998, Sarah received the Mercedes Mentor Award, which recognizes Chicagoland women for outstanding community service.

When she accepted the award, she quoted the Liberation School motto: "What we don't know we must learn; what we do know, we must teach each other."

The movement endures.