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Suzanne Davenport Biography by Suzanne Davenport(1999)

I've been working for Chicago school reform since 1985 at Designs for Change, an educational reform and advocacy group, and believe that democracy works, even in this company town. Local School Councils are, contrary to the press and academics and the outrageous trio of Daley, Vallas and Chico, struggling to be alive and well at schools all over this city. They deserve all our support - vote at your neighborhood schools on April 5-6. Chicago is on the cutting edge of radical democratic school reform with LSC's, and don't be fooled by critics.

On a more personal note, my two sons - Jeff, 24 and Noah, 22 - are a pleasure and know how to cook as well as I. Gardening is my earthy passion, water my home, give me seeds and a beach and I'm in heaven. I'd like to hear from familiar faces, wish I had time to write, and I travel as much as I can. The CWLU Herstory Project gives us so much, so join up and do whatever piece you can.